Why Does My Business Need a Website?

Why Does My Business Need a Website?

If you’re asking yourself why does my business need a website? You have come to the right place. In this article we will look at the benefits of having a good website for your business.

Over the years we have spoken to many business owners, some have told us “we don’t need a website, all of our business comes from referrals” to “website? I don’t use the internet!”, looking back some of these responses bring a smile to our faces. But the bottom line is that if in 2016 you don’t have a website or you don’t have a website that is responsive then you are losing out on money.

A website if done right can be the best tool available for promoting your business. Your website works every hour of the day, every day of the year. It never goes on holiday and never needs time off for a doctors appointment. A website is your shop window to the world, what you choose to display is up to you.

The internet never closes unlike a traditional shop, so having a website allows your business to be open all of the time, even when your tucked away sleeping.

Websites are not just for global markets either. Having a good website can open your business up to new markets in the local area. Weeare for example is a web design agency in Merthyr, but we offer Web design services in Pontypridd, Cardiff, Newport, Neath and many other locations, even though our physical location is in Merthyr.

Being Legitimate

A well designed website can make your customers believe in your services and give you instant credibility, the opposite is also true. An old, out-dated website will make your potential customers not trust you and think that you don’t care about your business. A website can provide real value when going up against bigger competition, if your website is designed with your users in mind then it doesn’t matter how big your competition are you can still compete on an even playing field.

One of our customers, a small family run restaurant needed a new website designed and developed for their business. Their old site was tired and dated, it wasn’t search or user friendly and at the time of contact it was on the 4th page of Google. The restaurant owners spoke to us, we defined the goals for the website and set to creating a new website. What resulted was a better website that began to rank on the first page for their chosen keywords.

This family run restaurant was able to compete with huge companies such as:

• Nandos
• Frankie and Bennies
• Pizza Hut
• Table Table

In fact we didn’t just compete, we outranked them!


If your just starting out then having a website can be much cheaper than renting a physical space in the high street. Websites can also draw in visitors from further afield than a shop ever could.

Website design and development pricing can be confusing because so many agencies offer different levels of service. You can get a website from free to over £50,000. Online marketing in our opinion is much more affordable than traditional methods too.  Social media marketing and search engine marketing can start at a few hundred pounds to a few thousands a month, where as traditional marketing is more expensive and less effective.  if you need help with your marketing, talk to our search engine optimisation consultants.

Websites can also minimise the amount of money spent on sending out literature. We have spoken to many businesses over the years that spend thousands monthly on brochures that tell people about the services that they provide. A website allows you to cut down on printed material as your customers can now find out about your services online.

A website is also worth having if you get most of your business through networking, when you first meet someone at a networking event, one of the first things they will do is check your business card and check your website, If both look good, instant credibility.

Showcase your work

There is no better way to show off the work that you have done than to do so on your website. A website can show off recent work through a gallery, case study or even client testimonials. If you want customers to purchase a service through you then you can bet they will want to see past results and what others have said about your services.


If you want more business, a way to show off your work, an employee that works around the clock without taking a day off then you will want a website.

If you already have a website and simply want to generate more traffic check out our SEO Cardiff Service

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