What does a marketing consultant do?

what does a marketing consultant do?
what does a marketing consultant do?

A marketing consultant is an external advisor that can help a business strategise and implement the strategy to help the business grow.  With over 70 million blog posts being written every month on the WordPress platform it’s never been a better time to consult with someone who can push your business in the right direction.

Sometimes marketing consultants get a bad rap as your staff can feel demoralised because of the companies choose to hire external help. This shouldn’t be the case though because marketing consultants are usually hired to help with companies expand on what they have rather than replace the existing staff.

In this article, we will take a look at what a marketing consultant does and why you would consider hiring one for your business.

When should you hire a marketing consultant?

digital marketing consultant

You should hire a marketing consultant if you have no marketers on your staff and you’re looking to grow your business. Or you could be a larger company that has a marketing department that either needs a specialised skill or needs another pair of eyes to direct the company in the right direction.

As an SEO consultant we are often hired by clients to improve organic traffic and create a content marketing strategy and then implement it. We then make adjustments to this strategy as the campaign develops.

Having an SEO expert in-house could help your business grow but you would need to hire a technical SEO expert, an On-Page SEO expert, a link builder and a content marketer, all of which can become expensive. On the other hand, you can outsource all of the above to a marketing consultancy (like us) and get the job done without having to hire an entire team. 

A marketing consultant is also useful to provide your business with a fresh pair of eyes and unlike your staff members who could be frightened to speak out in fear of losing their jobs, a marketing consultant wouldn’t have any issues telling you where you are going wrong and what you can do to improve your business.

A marketing consultant also allows you to concentrate on everyday tasks of running the business while the consultant works in the background marketing your business.  

Most businesses hire us as their SEO agency because they know we have a good track record of increasing other companies organic traffic because of this they don’t have to worry about their website or their marketing which frees up more time for them to run their business.

What skills should a marketing consultant have?

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A marketing consultant should have a wide variety of skills ranging from technical skills to people management. A consultant should have an analytical brain so they can break down and reverse engineer your competitor’s marketing campaigns while using this knowledge to build a better campaign.

You will also find that many marketing consultants specialise in different areas or niches. Some consultants may simply work with real estate clients while other consultants such as ourselves only consult and implement organic SEO campaigns for local companies.

You may find some consultants that specialise in a wide range of digital marketing services such as social media, PPC, SEO and PR but in our experience, you would be better off hiring a specialist. All of the above skills are very difficult to master so finding a consultant that has mastered all of them is going to be next to impossible.

What does an internet marketing consultant do?

Typical responsibilities of an internet marketing consultant could be to identify ways of engaging with past and present customers, auditing your existing marketing collateral and implementing any changes as needed.  

Internet marketing consultants may also be responsible for running social media campaigns, pay per click advertising campaigns and improving the visibility of a website through organic SEO services.

A marketing consultant can help with tasks that you may not even have thought of, a seasoned consultant can act as a trusty advisor and help you with the right targetting for your business, your story and help you with telling that story.

As mentioned above there are many avenues that a marketing consultant can take so the roles can be very different depending on the skills of the consultant, but generally, they should have a specialised skill set that makes them valuable to your team.

What is a career in marketing consulting like?

what is a career in marketing consulting like

A career of a marketing consultant can differ depending on the role of the consultant. From personal experience, I can say that a career as a marketing consultant can be challenging but very rewarding. During my career, I have worked with some amazing companies and have produced amazing results for them which is a great reward in its self.

There have also been times when I’ve wanted to pull my hair out and scream at the top of my voice out of frustration. I suppose this is the same as any other job, but as a marketing consultant, there’s nothing better than changing a person’s business for the better.

One of our marketing clients was making less than £20,000 a year before hiring us to help them with their organic traffic, 2 years later that client is still with us and it’s common for them to hit £50,000 in a month.

Knowing that you have had a massive effect on a business and the people who own that business is an amazing thing and it’s what keeps our team motivated to succeed for our clients.

If you are considering a career as a marketing consultant, I would highly recommend going to work for someone else first so you can learn how your industry works before going out alone. You may also want to go to college/university to get a formal education in the subject as this may help when applying for jobs later on before going out on your own.

The staff here at Weeare all have bachelor degrees in development, marketing and design. Without these degrees, it would have been very difficult to get our foot in the door to work for others before creating this digital marketing agency.

Need to hire a marketing consultant?

If your business needs help with improving its organic website traffic, our organic SEO marketing consultants can help, all you need to do is get in touch with us, tell us who you are and what you do (along with your current website) and we can provide you with a free SEO audit.

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