7 Reasons why we love our SiteGround hosting.

siteground hosting review

As a Web Design and SEO Agency we are always looking for ways to improve our website and our customers. Recently we switched our hosting to Siteground and loved it so much we have written a blog on it.

Website hosting is not the sexiest of topics, but it lays the foundations on what your website is built on.

We have hosted our websites (& clients) with an American company for over 10 years, but after receiving bad support on one of our client’s websites we decided to see what else was out there.

We narrowed our search down to Siteground, and after being retargeted multiple times on our social media accounts we decided to bite the bullet and go for it.

Switching to Siteground has been one of the best choices we have made this year, and here is why…

SiteGround hosting is really quick

Compared to our other hosting company our website now runs at a much quicker rate. Pages take a lot less time to load and sites like GTAMetrix, Pingdom and Google Page Speed insights have confirmed a positive change.

gta metrix page speed

Some great scores on GTMetrix
pingdom page speed test

Another great page speed score from pingdom, very impressed with the load time of just over a second.

google page speed test

Although the scores above are not perfect (Google Page Speed), they are a massive improvement on what we had before. This is great considering we still have to do some optimisations ourselves.

As search engine optimisation consultants, we are always looking for ways to improve our load speeds as we know how important it can be when it comes to ranking a website.

I wish I had some screenshots to show the results before switching the hosting, but I do remember someone on social media calling us out where we said a website should take less than 2 seconds to load and someone ran a test where ours took 4 (oops!)

Thankfully Siteground hosting has got our web page loading time to around 1 second (Whoop Whoop!) no more egg on our face.

Fast SSL Installations (& Free)

ssl certificates

The last hosting company we used would charge £40 per SSL certificate which is slightly more than most and for one client they took over 10 days to install it, as trusted marketing consultants this simply wasn’t good enough for our clients.

Thankfully Siteground was almost instant.

They do offer SSL certificates that are paid, but more most people their free SSL certificate is perfect.

This alone was probably worth the switch, especially since Google has been flagging websites as insecure in their chrome update since August.

From having to wait 10 days, fuss about with confirming the SSL certificate through admin emails to clicking one button and installing a security certificate almost instantly, this has helped us as an agency considerably and will save us quite a bit of time. Brilliant!

Staging Environments

wordpress staging

At Weeare we love building our clients sites on local machines then transferring them to a staging environment and finally when the clients happy we put the site live.

We think this is the best way to develop websites, but it takes a lot of time.

With Siteground we can set up a staging environment and then push the changes to the live website in 2 clicks. Not only does this save us time but it also allows us to work on the staging sites when carrying out future developments. No cowboy coding here.

Now you may think this is not a new thing, and other hosting companies offer this service and you would be right.


Our other hosting provider which weren’t much cheaper than Siteground did not offer this service, so being able to do all of the above with a few clicks is new to us, so don’t ruin our parade and let us bask in the glory!

Other hosting providers which offered this staging environment set up were also more expensive than what we are paying now.

Site Migration

site migration
How we feel migrating websites

With your first website, Siteground offer a free transfer, after that you have to migrate websites on your own.

This I didn’t realise until after purchasing the hosting and was a little disappointed because quite frankly I hate migrating websites, and thought this service was for every website.


I then discovered that Siteground have their own migration plugin and it is so simple to use.

Migrating a website in the past may have taken 30 minutes to do so (Don’t judge, I hate setting up and migrating sites).

With the Siteground migration plugin, it legit took me less than 5 minutes without having to deal with any of the technical issues that you can sometimes run into when setting up databases and all that nasty other stuff.

The migration plugin gets a massive thumbs up from us.

1 Click Repository set up

git setup

Setting up repositories are not hard, but they can be time-consuming. When you have multiple clients as we do, anything that can help us save time is a massive positive.

In one click we can set up a repo and be done with it.


Reasonably priced

With the discounts available on Siteground for first time customers it is pretty much the same price as any other hosting company, after the first year however it jumps up quite a bit, but with that said I think for what you get the introductory price is amazing and the full price after 12 months is more than fair.

You can get cheap hosting for a few quid a month, but as we said earlier in this article, hosting is the foundation of your website, it is not something you should look too cheap out on.

When looking at hosting we considered a few different companies and for the service we receive and the price we pay and will pay we are more than happy to recommend Siteground hosting.

Great Support

The whole reason we began looking for a hosting company a few months ago was that of the lack of support we received from our existing supplier.

One of our client’s websites that does sales in the region of £££ – ££££ a day website went down and the level of support we received to try and get the website back up and running was shocking. (The problem was a server issue and not something we had direct control over)

We were told “The website works fine for us” and “We can’t see a problem” which are not words you want to hear when your clients websites are down for the rest of the world.

Siteground is apparently known for their high levels of support, and we put this to the test almost immediately after getting our site up and running.

And sure enough, our support ticket was answered in detail within 10 minutes. Very helpful.



As you can see we are very happy with our choice of switching hosting to Siteground. It’s important to note that we haven’t been paid to write this review or it doesn’t include any affiliate links to make us money like so many other companies do when they write hosting reviews.

Instead, this is an honest review that may help others out there who are looking for reliable, fast and secure website hosting with some great features.

If you know anyone who is looking for website hosting please give this blog a share, it would help us and them out.

Thank you!


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