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Fed up of hiring SEO agencies that do nothing for your business? I provide SEO that works. If you want the right type of links pointing at your website get in touch

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why work with me?

Here are a few good reasons
to work with me..

affordable and high quality

No Spammy Links

Backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors, that’s why I only ever build relevant, authoritative links to your site that drive traffic and improve rankings.

no long term contracts

Transparent Reporting

Most SEO agencies are cryptic with the links they build (huge red flag), I’m not.  You will have 24/7 access to your project tracker which highlights all the work complete, links built and future work.

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Custom Strategy

Every client is different and has different needs.  A custom SEO strategy and link building plan will be created just for you. No standard “10 keyword” packages here, this isn’t 2005.

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No Contracts

No long contracts.  Pay monthly for your SEO and if you’re not happy at any time you can leave.  I provide SEO that grows your business, I don’t need to lock you into a contract.

Increasing your website traffic

How we do it...

Service Features

Site & Content Audit

Firstly I check your site to make sure it’s technically sound, if fixes are needed they will be carried out. 

Then I check your website for linkable content that can be used to attract links.

If you don’t have linkable content I will work with you to create it.

Service Features


With your new content I outreach to other websites and blogs to attract links to your site.

This is done through link round ups, guest posts, infographics, skyscraper technique and more.

See my ultimate link building guide here(coming soon)

Service Features

Acquire New Links

I follow up with prospects to build relevant, authoritative links to your website.

New links are recorded in your project planner which you have access to 24/7.

Depending on your budget and content you can expect between 10 and 30 high quality links a month.

Service Features

Track Results

Every email sent and every link acquired will be tracked in your project dashboard.

Not all SEO agencies are transparent, but I think it’s very important you can see the work i’m doing as SEO takes time to see results.

SEO Results

Take a look at some of the results
we have achieved for our clients.

seo results

104% increase in new potential customers landing on our clients website.

seo results

First result rankings for a local client. Over 1500 extra potential customers landing on our clients website a month. What could your business do with another 1500 customers?

seo results

Huge increase in the number of other websites linking to our clients website in a short period of time. (The more websites that talk to and point to your website the greater the chance of increasing your search ranking)

seo results

110% increase in potential customers for a local client.

seo results

Multiple first page rankings for an ecommerce store in a high competition niche. Unlike other seo companies we don't limit you to a set number of keywords. We try to rank you for as many as possible!

seo results

The top page ranks for over 400 keyword combinations.  150 of these are on the first page (many #1 ranked). The result of this campaign has resulted in an increase of £100,000 in online sales.

seo results

First page rankings in a very competitive niche.  We were the third SEO consultancy to work on this project (the two before me were much bigger agencies), and we were the only agency to get results.

seo results

First page rankings and top 3 results for multiple keywords, resulting in an increase of £10,000+ revenue a month.

what our clients say client testimonials


Here are some of the things our clients say about working with us

Our Pricing Guarantee

No hidden fees, no complicated contracts.

Your business is different from everyone elses, therefor there is no one size fits all SEO package that I offer.  If I think our businesses can work together I will put together an SEO strategy for you.  If you’re happy with my plan, we can work together and execute that SEO strategy to get your business moving in the right direction.

Get in touch now to set up a free consultation.

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Stuff You May Want To Ask

Search Engine Optimisation FAQ's

SEO can be complicated, here are some of the questions I get asked frequently. If you don’t understand anything and want to clear it up please get in touch.

How many keywords can you rank me for?

This is an old SEO strategy that doesn’t really make sense in 2019. My approach is to target 1 main keyword per URL and then build links to it.

This strategy has allowed me to rank one of my clients pages for over 450 keywords.  150 of them are page 1 and ranked number 1 result.

With my SEO strategy I can’t give you X amount of keywords as its impossible to predict.

Do you price match, or have packages?

No.  All of my SEO strategies are unique to you.  If my service is more expensive than your marketing budget I can reduce the amount of hours working on your project.

How long does SEO take?

This is difficult to answer.  Site with existing traffic can be tweaked and can see results in weeks, some websites can then take 8-12 months to see results.

SEO is a mid to long term investment and is not a one time service.

What is a link building campaign?

Links or backlinks are other websites pointing to yours.  Google sees a link as a vote.  The more votes you get the better you are thought of by Google.

I work to create links on authoritative websites that have existing traffic so you can increase your website traffic and rankings.

Do I have to pay a set up fee?

There are no setup fees to be paid.

Do you sell PBN links?

No, I only use white hat methods that won’t get your website penalised by Google.

PBN’s work, but if you’re caught Google will penalise your website, it’s not worth it!

Are the sites you place links on real?

Yes, unlike other pay as you go link builders all of the websites we get links on are from real people with real websites.

We don’t have any blog networks, and don’t pay for links either.

Will you write content for me?

I’m not a writer, so ideally you should have someone within your business who can create content as and when I need it. 

If you don’t have a writer, I work with a number of writers that I can refer you to and you can pay separately.

You will need a writer either way to hire me.

How do you build your links?

I build all my links via outreach.  This is where I look at the content you have and then reach out to others in a related industry and ask them to link to your content.

You can see my exact process for building links in my link building ultimate guide (coming soon)

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