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SEO for Self Storage

Help your website get found with our SEO marketing services for self-storage companies.

SEO for Self Storage
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SEO for Self Storage

Over 400 storage companies

There are over 400 storage companies in the UK with over 1,022 sites.  Standing out is difficult but our SEO services can help.

SEO for Self Storage

46% of searches are local

If your storage website doesn’t show up in your local area you are missing out on a lot of business.

SEO for Self Storage

Already running ads?

80% of search engine users will ignore ads.  SEO is a great way of picking up those clients who would have gone to your competitors.

SEO for Self Storage

Predictable way of generating leads

SEO is a predictable way of generating leads for your storage business allowing you to focus on buying more containers or more locations.

What can SEO marketing services do for your storage company?

What can SEO marketing services do for your storage company?

From position 65 to 14 in a month, where other agencies had failed (Red arrow is where we were hired).

With over 400 self-storage companies in the UK the competition is getting more difficult for your business to stand out.  From our experience self-storage companies spend a lot on marketing their business so choosing the right SEO agency to grow your business is vital.

Most of the self storage companies we speak to want:

  • To attract new customers to their storage facilities.
  • To increase their companies brand awareness.
  • To lower their ad spend by ranking in the organic results.

If you need help with your self storage marketing from link building, on-page optimisation or even optimising your GMB listing we can help.

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        A competitive market.

        The self storage industry is very competitive.  PPC ads are expensive and self storage can be a hit or miss on social media.  SEO marketing for self storage companies is a great way to bring extra customers to your business on a consistent basis. So if you need help with on-page optimisation or link building for your storage company please get in touch.

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        SEO for Storage Companies - FAQs

        Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that other storage companies have asked us over the years.

        What do you need from us?

        We produce all the content needed to earn your website backlinks and improve its online visibility.  We can also make any technical changes to your website if it’s running on the WordPress CMS.

        If you have another CMS such as Drupal, Joomla, Magento, or any other we will recommend technical changes to you and your developers can make them for us.


        Will SEO work for my storage business?

        If your website is low down in the search, or even if your ranking well at the moment there is always a chance that you can be doing better.  To find out if we can help you get in touch for a free audit.

        How long do I need to sign up for?

        We have no contracts and you pay as you go.  SEO is a mid to long term investment so please bear that in mind before getting in touch with us.

        How much does SEO cost and what should I spend?

        Our SEO services are billed at £100 per hour with a minimum of15 hours per month.  For some storage companies that will be enough but for others in competitive cities, you will need more.

        Get in touch for a free video audit where we can give you an indication where your website stands up against other storage companies.

        Can you help with different storage locations?

        Yes, we can improve the overall authority of your website as well as improving the rankings for individual store locations.  So if you want to improve your storage in London page as well as your storage in bristol page, we can help with that.

        Will your SEO methods harm our website?

        No, our SEO services are something called “white hat” and we play withing Googles rules.  This ensures your website is safe and you will see the benefits for our services for many years to come.

        Can you guarantee you will get us to x result?

        There are no guarantees that we can get you to x position in x amount of months, unfortunately, we don’t own Google and we can only work to the guidelines they set.

        What we can say is that we have an excellent track record and have improved the search rankings of all the companies that have hired us.

        What happens if the Google algorithm changes?

        The Google algorithm changes all of the time, and despite what most marketers want you to believe it isn’t there to catch you out but to improve your user’s experience.

        By playing within the rules and being a white hat SEO agency we aren’t too bothered when Google releases a huge update because we know our clients won’t be affected as much as other agencies clients who use questionable tactics to rank their websites.

        See how we can help your self storage business grow

        Enter your website address for a video audit showing you how to grow your business.

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