#1 SEO Marketing Services for Cosmetic Dentists

SEO for Cosmetic Dentists

From Porcelain Veneers to Invisalign retainers, Our SEO marketing services for cosmetic dentists can help generate more leads for your dental practice.

SEO for Cosmetic Dentists
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SEO for Cosmetic Dentists

13 Million competing pages

There are over 13 million competing pages for the term cosmetic dentist in the UK alone, making it very difficult to stand out.

SEO for Cosmetic Dentists

£3.6 billion market size

With a £3.6 billion market share, how much more work could your practice be undertaking?

SEO for Cosmetic Dentists

Great Investment in your practice

SEO marketing is a great investment to make in your practice with a huge potential return on investment.

SEO for Cosmetic Dentists

Stand out from the crowd

Social media is a great way of showing off your work, but it’s disruptive to the user.  SEO shows your business when a potential clients is searching for your services.

What can SEO marketing do for your dental practice?

What can SEO marketing do for your dental practice?

From 2nd Page to the first for a service that starts at £7500 and gets over 300 searches a month.

If you want to generate more clients for your cosmetic dental practice SEO services can help your business stand out.  Unlike social media marketing or paid ads, SEO doesn’t interrupt what the person is doing, for example running ads on Facebook is disruptive marketing and is shown to the user when they could be looking at family photos or cat videos.

SEO marketing, on the other hand, places your website in front of their eyes when they are looking to buy the services you offer.  So if you want to sell more porcelain veneers, Invisalign braces or composite bonding we can help.

Most of the cosmetic dentists we speak to want:

  • To generate more leads for their practice.
  • To increase their companies brand awareness.
  • To put a focus on their most profitable service sell more of it.
  • More customers to find out they exist.

If your dental practice is in need of any of the above we can help.  Fill out the audit form on this page and we can take a look at your website to see how you match up with your competitors.

See how your dental practice compares to your competitors

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        Make a smart investment for long term gain.

        SEO agencies that cater to cosmetic dentists are everywhere and making the choice for your practice can be very difficult especially when every agency under the sun claims to be award-winning.  The truth is these awards mean nothing, and you should be looking for an agency that has a proven framework for ranking websites on the search engines.

        You may also see agencies that offer packages, we are against this as every client is going to need different work done to their website every month.  SEO can’t be sold as 10 keywords, 10 social links, 10 blog posts, 10 web 2.0 submissions etc because what works for one website won’t work for another.

        By creating bespoke solutions we have been able to rank some of our clients for more than 400 keywords on one page of their website.  If veneers London is one keyword, then this would be the equivalent of being on the first page for Porcelain veneers London, composite veneers London, Emax veneers London, + 364 more keywords all on the first page.

        What would that do for your business?

        no limits

        Frequently asked cosmetic dental SEO questions

        Here are some of the questions cosmetic dentists have asked us about SEO over the years.

        How will you improve my practices search engine rankings?

        Every website is different so the strategy used will be unique to you.  However, our general process is to check that the website is sound technical and fix anything we find that isn’t.

        We then take a look at your “on page” optimisation to make any tweaks that will help Google and the other search engines know what that page is about.

        We will then move to “off-page” optimisation which creates opportunities for other websites to link to you.

        How long does SEO take?

        Depending on your competition it could take as little as 6 months or up to 12 months to see huge improvements.  

        From personal experience, we have seen our clients increase in rankings within 3 months while some have taken 12.

        Is SEO going to work for our practice?

        If your website doesn’t rank or has poor rankings and your website doesn’t generate leads you would be a good candidate for SEO marketing.  

        You should know that SEO is a long term solution and can take up to 12 months in competitive areas to see growth.  Patience is required but the rewards are worth it.

        Do you need us to make content?

        No, our SEO services include content creation.  

        Do you have any packages?

        No, our SEO services are unique to you and will be built around what your website needs to rank and generate leads for your dental practice.

        If you do want to hire us, our rates are £100 an hour for a minimum of 15 hours a month.

        Can you price match?

        No, just like you can get veneers in another country or from another dentist for cheaper our services are priced to reflect the quality of them and the return of investment our clients see.

        Do you do the Google maps?

        Yes, our cosmetic dental SEO services will help you improve your positioning in the “map pack” as well as the organic rankings.  This is to help you take up more real estate on the search engine results page.

        Can we choose our keywords?

        Yes, of course, we love our clients to have input into their campaigns. 

        If you tell us that you want to rank for “veneers in London” we can then check that keyword and many other variations to see what can be done for your budget and we can make suggestions if there is a better keyword to go after (more traffic, less competition etc)

        See how your dental practice compares to your competitors

        Get a free video audit which will show you some of the strategies that can be used to generate more leads for your practice.

        Enter Your Website Address

          Enter Your Name

            Where do we send your audit?

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