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Accountant SEO

Attract and convert more clients with our SEO marketing services for accountants. If you’re looking to grow your firm we can help.

Accountant SEO
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Accountant SEO

5660 Accountants in the UK.

There are over 5660 accountants in the UK all fighting for business, how are you going to stand out?

Accountant SEO

Over £17 billion in services rendered.

£17 billion of accounting services were procured by industries across the UK in 2017.

Accountant SEO

Cost effective for your firm.

Depending on location, a PPC campaign for an accountant could cost you between £3 and £10 per click. SEO is more cost-effective.

Accountant SEO

Predictable Lead Generation.

SEO is a predictable lead generator and won’t leave you wondering where your next enquiry is coming from.

What can SEO marketing do for your accounting firm?

What can SEO marketing do for your accounting firm?

An example of what SEO can do for your firm. From Page 10 to the 2nd page in 4 months

In order for your accounting practice to thrive, you will need new clients on a consistent basis. There are many ways of bringing in new leads to your business, some of which you are more than likely using.

One of the best methods to bring more clients to your accounting firm is by implementing a search engine optimisation campaign (SEO).

An SEO campaign can maximise your website’s visibility on the major search engines like Google, Bing and Duck Duck Go each and every time a potential client searches for your services.

Most accountants we speak to want:

  • More customers to find out they exist.
  • To know if their online marketing is working.
  • To put a focus on their most profitable service and sell more of it.
  • To cut down on marketing that’s not working and spend more on what is working.

There are over 5660 accountants in the UK, all of which are fighting for your clients. In order to help your account firm stand out from the crowd, we use our battle-tested SEO strategies that have been proven time and time again to work.

If you would like to generate more inbound leads for your accountancy firm and see a considerable return on your investment get in touch with our SEO Agency.

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        No Limits SEO

        You may have seen other SEO agencies advertise packages where you can get 10 keywords, 15 or 20 a month for a certain price.

        Not us, our SEO campaigns will target as many keywords as possible to generate as many leads as possible. Why limit your earning potential?

        For one of our clients, we were able to rank them on the first page for over 400 lead generating keyword terms.

        no limits

        Frequently asked accounting SEO questions

        Here are some of the questions accountants have asked us about SEO in the past

        When will I see results?

        Some clients have seen results in 3 months, some have seen results in 12. It all depends on your competition and how far ahead they are of you.

        If you are going to invest in SEO marketing you should at least budget for 6-12 months.

        Do you have SEO packages?

        We don’t have packages because every accountant and their website is different. At the start of every project, we will take a look at your website, audit it and then work out a strategy of catching up and overtaking your competitors.

        We don’t limit your marketing to doing X amount of activities a month, instead, we do everything possible in the allotted time to get you more clients.

        Am I better off investing in PPC rather than SEO?

        PPC is a great way of generating clients but when you stop paying per click your traffic and leads die.

        SEO is a long term strategy that will generate leads for the life of your business.

        If you have the budget, doing both is a great way of bringing in business as you can occupy more of the search results page.

        How much does this cost?

        Our SEO services are charged at £100 per hour with a minimum allocation of 15 hours.

        If you are not sure how many hours you will need, get in touch and we can discuss this with you.

        I've been burned by SEO agencies in the past, can you lower your fees to start?

        While we appreciate and understand this situation we will not lower our fees or the hours involved. The fees and time frames are structured this way to produce results for you.

        See how your accounting firm compares to your competitors

        Get a free 15 minute video audit of your website and your competition.

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