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We are a boutique SEO agency located in Cardiff and we work with businesses all around the world. If you are looking for a hard-working, transparent, and results-driven SEO agency we could be the agency for you.

To see if we can help your business grow, fill out our audit form and our managing director (14 years experience in SEO) will provide you with a personalised 15-20 minute video audit showing you how we could grow your business through organic search.

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Free 15 minute personalised video audit.

Get a 15 minute personalised video audit and find out how we would help your business grow.

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        The Best Internet Marketing Company

        Some reasons to choose us
        as your SEO Agency Cardiff.

        affordable and high quality

        ROI Focused SEO

        We only take on clients that we can help. Our main goal is to make you more money, If we can’t help you or think you won’t benefit from hiring us as your SEO agency we will let you know right away.

        Our search engine optimisation services have helped many local Cardiff businesses show up in the search results.  Get in touch with us or request a free video audit to see how we can help your business increase its online visibility.

        no long term contracts

        No Complicated Contracts

        No long contracts are needed you just pay a monthly fee. This removes all the risk of working with an SEO agency. If you don’t like our SEO work you can stop at any time.

        We are an SEO company that can help you with your internet marketing without the risks. We have a great track record and our local SEO services have helped many Cardiff and South Wales business get found online. Get in touch for a free video audit to see where we can help you grow.

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        In house in Cardiff

        All of our SEO services are handled in house, in Cardiff. No outsourcing to untrustworthy sources like other SEO agencies. This means we do cost more than most, but the quality of work we produce is very high, meaning better rankings for you.

        Search engine optimisation is a skill that shouldn’t be outsourced if your business needs help with its digital marketing, our Cardiff SEO experts can help.  You found us by searching for SEO Cardiff, now let us help your customers find you.

        seo agency cardiff

        14 years Experience in SEO

        With over 14 years search engine optimisation and internet marketing experience there isn’t much we haven’t seen.

        Our SEO company brings all of this knowledge to your search campaign. Technical SEO, Link Building, Content optimisation SEO, Local SEO, International SEO, e commerce and so much more rolled into one high quality digital marketing strategy to get your website found online which will benefit your business for many years to come.

        SEO Services Cardiff
        Online marketing to increase your website traffic.

        Service Features Page Speed

        One of Google’s ranking factors is the speed of your website. We start by optimising your website’s speed. Our technical SEO services will also check for anything else slowing your website down.

        Service Features Site Structure

        We take a look at your sites permalink structure, your internal linking process and optimise them to increase your website’s ranking. This alone can give some of your pages an incredible boost.

        Service Features Meta Optimisation

        Titles, descriptions and page URLs are all looked at to see if we can increase your websites click-through rate (another known ranking factor).

        Service Features Image Optimisation

        Not only do we optimise the size of the images to increase your website speed but we also use some tricks to make your images more search friendly.

        Service Features Content Optimisation

        We will edit, delete or add to your website content so you wont be penalised by Googles Panda and Penguin updates.

        Service Features Code Optimisation

        Where applicable we can remove or fix bad code which can slow down your website. Our technical SEO services have even been hired by other SEO agencies in Cardiff. Our on site optimisation seo techniques optimise your website to be found.

        Service Features Blog Outreach

        We contact other websites on behalf of your business to get them to link to your site. This increases your websites trust score and your website rankings long term.

        Service Features Content Ideation

        We can provide content ideas that will then be used to build backlinks to. This can be from websites in your industry or even local bloggers in South Wales.

        Service Features Link Building

        We build links from real websites and on times we will build local citations to get your anchor text ratios to where they should be

        Service Features White Hat

        Our search engine optimisation services are white hat, meaning that our SEO company plays by the rules and earns backlinks through building relationships with real websites on your behalf.

        Service Features Toxic Monitoring

        Your website may be targeted with a negative SEO attack in the past. We monitor your business website to make sure your competitors don’t get an advantage unfairly.

        Service Features 24/7 Reporting

        You will have 24/7 access to the projects worksheet where you can see tasks complete, upcoming tasks and all of the backlinks built to your website through our digital marketing outreach service.

        SEO Results

        Some of the results
        we have achieved for our clients

        seo and link building resultsBrand new e commerce website, from zero visitors to over 20,000 in 18 months.
        seo and link building resultsFrom 200 clicks a day to over 400. Doubling an e commerce website’s traffic in less than 6 months for high-value products.(Update, client is now upto 600 clicks a day!)
        seo and link building results400 First page rankings for an eCommerce website.
        seo and link building resultsOne of our clients were making around £800 before hiring us.
        seo and link building resultsIn less than a year we took them from £800 a month in sales to over £13,000.  With their best month hitting £25,000. (Update, this is now £52,000)
        what our clients say client testimonials

        Client Testimonials

        How much do our digital marketing services cost?

        Each search engine optimisation or SEO campaign is different and there is no one size fits all standard package as every business in Cardiff (plus the rest of South Wales & UK) is different.

        Your online marketing budget will determine the amount of time we can spend on your campaign per month. If we don’t think your budget matches the level of competition we will tell you. We are not a typical Cardiff SEO agency that takes on anyone and everyone. We like to make sure that our marketing services can help.

        If you’re looking for a reliable SEO agency in Cardiff, please get in touch so we can discuss your goals, budget and the service we can provide for you.

        Audit My Website
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        Search Engine Optimisation FAQ's

        How does it work?

        As a Cardiff SEO company we get Google to trust your website through a variety of SEO techniques including our technical SEO services, content writing, content optimisation SEO and finally content marketing through outreach.

        How long does SEO take?

        Your situation will be different to all other businesses. If you are a local plumber going up against 10 other websites the competition isn’t going to be that high.

        On the other hand you own an e commerce store and sell bathrooms suites you could be up against huge companies such as B&Q and Victoria Plumbing. Depending on your budget and your goals we can implement an SEO strategy to build brand awareness and put your website in front of your target audience. We can also use smart marketing strategies such as using keyword research to target keywords that you have a chance of ranking for if your budget is smaller.

        How much does all of this cost?

        All client’s needs are different so there is no one fits all. Our SEO services are tailored to your business, your competition and your goals. Unlike other SEO companies we don’t offer packages to our clients, but custom seo strategies to help you reach your goals.

        I want to target X amount of keywords, can you do it?

        We don’t set a number of keywords. What we do is optimise each of your main pages for achievable search terms and then work on increasing their rankings by increasing your overall backlink profile.  Some SEO agencies offer packages that target X number of keywords. However, some of our ecommerce seo clients have ranked for hundreds of keywords from one single page.

        What is DA (Domain Authority)

        Domain authority is a score given to a domain name to indicate the authority of that domain (website). The higher the authority the more trusted it is in the eyes of Google and because of this it generally ranks better.

        When a website of high domain authority links to your website, you then get passed some of the power from that website. The more high-quality and relevant domains that link to yours the better, making your SEO rankings increase in the search engines.

        What is a link building campaign?

        We build links from relevant websites to yours, this increases your websites trust, your search engine rankings and website traffic. Links are very important when it comes to long term SEO rankings and the more relevant links you can get pointing to your website the better chance of being found online.

        Will you write content for me?

        Yes, our SEO campaigns come with the content needed to increase your search results.

        Will you make changes to our website?

        We will make technical SEO changes if necessary to help your website rank better. This could mean anything from optimising the images to on site seo such as page descriptions and more. If your website is a complete mess and needs to be fixed, we also offer web design services. Our website design team are well versed in SEO and can build your website is built to be search friendly as standard.

        Do I have to sign a contract for x amount of months?

        No, our search engine optimisation services do not force you to sign a contract. If you are not happy with our services you can leave at any time.

        Do you offer web design in Cardiff?

        Yes, we offer website design services if we believe your business would benefit from a restructure in terms of SEO.

        Our website design team not only create beautiful websites, but create websites that are optimised for the search engines, giving your business the best chance of being found on the search engines.

        Get in touch to talk to our website design team.

        Do you offer other internet marketing services like social media?

        We focus on organic internet marketing (SEO) services and website design.  If you need help with your PPC or social media marketing we can put you in touch with other providers.


        Which is the best form of internet marketing, PPC, Social Media or SEO?

        If you have the budget do all three PPC, Social media and SEO. If you can’t afford them all, do PPC if you want instant results, but be aware the traffic stops when your budget is reached.  Do social media marketing if you think you can post enough high quality content to drive business and do SEO if you want lasting results.

        Do you only offer SEO to businesses in Cardiff?

        No, your business doesn’t have to be in Cardiff. We offer SEO services in Swansea, Newport, Merthyr Tydfil and the rest of South Wales. We also have clients in London, Canada and Texas!

        How do I get started?

        If you want one of the best seo companies in Cardiff to work with you, Enter your website’s address in our video audit section below.

        Please note this is a personalised video for your website and not an auto generated PDF that other agencies send.

        Can you help me with keyword research?

        Yes, typically our clients hire our internet marketing services as a whole so you get our keyword research, content optimisation SEO, internal linking optimisation SEO, on page optimisation, high quality link building and 24/7 reporting. However if you need help with just one area such as keyword research or link building we can help too.


        Free 15 minute personalised video audit.

        Get a 15 minute personalised video audit and find out how we would help your business grow.

        Enter Your Website Address

          What Is Your Name?

            Finally, Where do we send your audit?

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