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Increase your website traffic and revenue with the best SEO agency in Cardiff. Experts in: Technical SEO, Link Building Campaigns, Content Creation & More

SEO Agency In Cardiff, We provide:

Keyword Research

We set realistic targets, and then help you reach them.

On Page Optimisation

Technical checks and development to get your website fully optimised.

Content & Link Building

Link building and content creation campaigns to get your website found.

why work with us?

Here's a few good reasons
our SEO clients love to work with us..

SEO Cardiff

Affordable & high quality

You may find cheaper SEO packages, but no one will match our service,  Guaranteed!

SEO Cardiff

No Contracts

No fixed lengthy contracts, simply pay as you go, month by month.  If you’re not happy, you can stop at any time.

SEO Cardiff

In House SEO

All of our SEO is handled by our team, in house, in Wales.  No outsourcing to india like other agencies.

SEO Cardiff


We walk to talk, being Cardiff’s top SEO agency we know what it takes for your customers find you.

Increasing your website traffic

How we do it...

SEO Cardiff Features

Page Speed

One of Google’s ranking factors is the site speed of your website.  We start by optimising your website’s pages to increase their speed, this is known as technical SEO.

SEO Cardiff Features

Friendly Site Structure

We take a look at your sites permalink structure, your internal linking process and optimise them to spread the power that your website may already have to increase your websites ranking. This alone can give some of your pages an incredible boost.

SEO Cardiff Features

Meta Optimisation

Titles, descriptions and page URLs are all looked at to see if we can increase your websites click through rate (another known ranking factor).

SEO Cardiff Features

Image Optimisation

Not only do we optimise the size of the images to increase your website speed but we also use some tricks to make your images more search friendly.

SEO Cardiff Features

Content Optimisation

We edit, delete or add to your website the content in which we think will increase your website traffic.  We use our 10+ years of knowledge of SEO to get you the best results.

SEO Cardiff Features

Code Optimisation

Where applicable we can remove bad code which can slow down your website.  We can also minimise and cache your website to increase the page speed.

SEO Cardiff Features

Blog Outreach

We contact other websites on behalf of your  business to get them to link to your site.  This increases your websites trust score and with than you increase in rankings.

SEO Cardiff Features

Content Creation

We can produce high quality content assets which attract the right type of links.  This will increase the trust in your website and increase your search engine position.

SEO Cardiff Features

Link Building

We also do our own link building, this can come in a variety of forms.  Anything from blog comments, forum signature links, web 2.0 links, social media and more.  A good diverse range of links is great for your search rankings.

SEO Cardiff Features

White Hat SEO

We follow Google’s SEO guidelines and play within the rules, that way we don’t worry about any of our clients losing search engine rankings every time they update their search algorithm.

SEO Cardiff Features

Toxic Monitoring

At one point your website will be targeted with a negative SEO attack.  We keep on top of this and disavow these links as soon as they appear.

SEO Cardiff Features

Monthly Reporting

Monthly reporting delivered straight to your inbox.  You can see exactly how your website has improved under us.

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Here are some of the things our clients say about working with us

Our Pricing Gaurantee

No hidden fees and no contracts. Just choose a plan that works for your business.

Unlike other SEO agencies our pricing is transparent.  There are no hidden fees and no long contracts to get tied up in.  You simply pay as you go and if you’re not happy at any time you can leave.  You can see our SEO pricing below.

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The Starter


We will create a content asset and outreach to 100 targets (websites) to get them to link back to your website.  With this package you can expect 5-10 high quality links a month.

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The Professional


We will create a content asset within the first month and then outreach to 200 targeted websites to link back to your website.  With this package you can expect 10-20 high quality links a month.

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Custom Package

£2000 per 200 link targets.

Need more than our starter or professional SEO packages? A custom package can be purchased in blocks of 200 link targets (£2000).  Most of our clients end up on a custom package.

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Getting Found

The Starter

Our starter SEO package is great for clients wanting to test out our SEO services.  With our introductory SEO package you get 100 link targets and can expect 5-10 high quality links (at a minimum) a month to your website, If we don’t reach this number we continue working until we do.  We acquire links through the following:

  • Guest Posts
  • Outreach Service
  • Infographic Creation
  • Round Ups
  • & More

As standard you will receive monthly reporting so you can see our SEO services are pointing your site in the right direction.

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Most People Start Here

The Professional

The professional is where most businesses will start.  200 link targets to get 10-20 high quality, high domain authority links per month.  Just like the starter SEO package, we acquire links through the following:

  • Guest Posts
  • Outreach Service
  • Infographic Creation
  • Round Ups
  • & More

As standard you will receive monthly reporting so you can see our SEO services are pointing your site in the right direction.  We can also schedule a weekly SEO catch up if needed.

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SEO Cardiff seo digital marketing
SEO Cardiff SEO Cardiff

Built around your Business

Custom SEO package

Our SEO services are sold in blocks of 200 link targets at £2000.  If you want us to go after 600 targets a month that would cost £6000 and you can expect around 60 new high quality links per month.

Most of our clients will start with one of our smaller packages and when they see we are legit they tend to have a custom plan built based around their industry and website.

Custom plans of £8000 and more are resource heavy and we can only offer these to two clients a month.

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Stuff You May Want To Ask


Below are a list of our frequently asked questions when it comes to SEO.  If you are not sure about something, or don’t know what package would suit your business get in touch, we would love to help.

How does SEO work?

SEO is all about making Google and the other search engines trust your website. We do this through a wide variety of methods including web 2.0 link building, blogging, blog outreach, social media marketing and more.

How long does SEO take?

We have had some clients who hit the front page in weeks and others have taken months. So the answer is it depends. Competition, your own website, the age of your website and much more effect the time it takes to rank for keywords.

SEO is a medium to long-term investment and as a rough guide, it can take a few months to see noticeable results.

How much does SEO cost?

Our SEO packages which can be seen above start off at £1000 per month, most will need our £2000 per month package and more competitive niches will need a custom plan.

Can you guarantee results?

We can guarantee that we will work to generate the amount of high quality links that your package includes and will work until we have hit the minimum threshold.

I want to target X amount of keywords, can you do it?

We don’t set restrictions, we work on time. Yes, we can try to rank you for 100 keywords but we would much rather be realistic and rank you for keywords that are going to provide you with the highest ROI.

What is DA (Blog Outreach)

Domain authority is a score given to a domain name to indicate the authority of that domain (website). The higher the authority the more trusted it is in the eyes of Google and because of this it generally ranks better.

When a website of high domain authority links to your website, you then get passed some of the power from that website. The more high-quality and relevant domains that link to yours the better, making your website rank higher in the search engines.

What is a link building campaign?

Every month we will build links from relevant websites to yours through the use of blogs, content marketing, social media marketing, web 2.0 links and much more. This increases your websites DA and rankings.

Will you write content for me?

In all of our packages, we do a blog outreach, this is where we look for similar websites in the same industry and ask to write a blog post on their website linking back to yours. This increases your DA and search rankings.

We will also create a high quality content asset which will help us generate more links for your website.

I can get xx amount of links for xx, can you match it?

We don’t guarantee a set amount of links with our packages because some industries are more difficult (some are so much easier) to generate links than others.

We do guarantee that we will contact the targets that you have paid for to generate high quality backlinks to your website.

Will you make changes to our website?

We will make technical changes if necessary to help your website rank better. This could mean anything from optimising the images, code, metadata, page descriptions and more.

Are there setup costs?

There are no setup costs other than the monthly fee, however with the custom package we can set up an SEO strategy where we build a network of sites built to promote your central website, but this will be discussed with you to see if this is needed.  Typical costs for this start at £15,000.

What sites do you work with?

We work with 99% of small businesses, except for adult, gambling and any sites that have been penalised by Google in the past.

Do I have to sign a contract for x amount of months?

No. All of our SEO packages are contract-free. Think of our services as pay as you go SEO. If you are not happy or want to stop your SEO for whatever reason, you can. There will be no hard feelings.

As SEO is a medium to long strategy we do recommend investing for at least 3 months and all of our strategies are based around this, but there is no contract to enforce this.

How can I pay?

If our companies are a good fit and our goals are aligned we can set up a direct debit before moving forward.

How do I get started?

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