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The most comprehensive Technical SEO audit online.

technical seo audit

We check over 200 common errors to give your website the best chance at ranking.

Our technical SEO audit is one of if not the most comprehensive SEO audit online and is suitable for fortune 500 companies, e-commerce stores and even local businesses who want to get a competitive edge over their competition.

Our SEO audit checks out the current “health” of your website by going through our audit process and following the data so you can fix your website.

Our SEO Audit includes:

  • Keyword Cannibalization
  • Meta descriptions
  • Title Tags
  • Headings
  • On page best practices
  • Redirect chains
  • Missing pages
  • Broken Links
  • Broken Images
  • HTTP and HTTPS Issues
  • Google analytics & search console-setup
  • Sitemaps
  • Robots.txt
  • Compression
  • Caching
  • Site Architecture
  • Internal and External linking
  • URL structure
  • And much more.

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What do you get with our Technical SEO audit?

When purchasing an SEO audit from us it’s not like some of the other audits you see online where your website has been run through some automated tool and you get errors back such as you have too little text on a page.

We may report the above too, but technical SEO is more complicated than that and having a tool automate it will mean your website will still be left with issues that can stop you from ranking.

With our technical SEO audit, we will manually inspect your website for over 200 known issues and then put our findings into a PDF so you can take away and implement the changes with the support of our team.

Our technical SEO audits are comprehensive, and if there is an issue with your website we will find it and know how to fix it.

technical seo audit london

Why choose us as your Technical SEO auditer?

Our team of SEO experts have worked on a wide variety of projects from £750,000 website builds to small one-person owned websites.  We have seen many different technical errors which have a huge effect on website rankings and have the experience to fix them.  On top of that, we offer the most comprehensive technical SEO audit available online while still being affordable.

Technical SEO Audit Pricing

All of our customer’s websites are checked against 200+ known issues.  We will write these issues down into a handy PDF file which your developers can then fix.  Our technical SEO audit pricing changes depending on the number of pages your website has.  The more pages, the more time it will take us to go through them.

On average a technical SEO audit will take between 25-30 days to complete.

Up to 500 Pages - £1500

This is for smaller websites that need to fix their technical issues. Suitable for service type websites, saas companies and smaller e-commerce stores.

500 - 1000 Pages - £2500

A technical SEO audit for a larger website that has between 500 and 1000 pages.  Usually suitable for businesses that have more content and larger e-commerce stores.

1000+ Pages - £3000 to £5000

Technical SEO audits for enterprise companies, fortune 500 and large e-commerce stores.  Pricing at this level will be adjusted to the pages you have.  Generally costs between £3000 to £5000.

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