SEO Audit Service in London

Finding & Fixing your websites technical issues.

Creating solid foundations.

Before embarking on an SEO campaign you may want to make sure that your website is technically sound and can be crawled by the search engines. Our technical SEO services in London will look at over 200 faults that websites face and will fix them to give your business the best chance of ranking online.

As an SEO agency in London we will audit all of our clients websites before working on them to make sure the most common issues such as content duplication, missing header tags, duplicate descriptions and your page speed is where it should be.

This advanced technical SEO audit is the next level to our standard SEO audit and will allow us to dive deeper into your website code, analyse your log files and run our own deep crawls on your website.

Our technical website audits are the most comprehensive online and will allow us to make the changes to your website to edge out your competitors.

Below is a 50,000ft overview of some of the areas that will be checked when running a technical SEO audit on your website.

Content Issues

They say content is King, but when it performs like a pauper your website can be in trouble. (Need help with your content creation? Take a look at our content marketing services)

There are a may problems that can occur when it comes to your websites content such as thin content, duplicate content, heading tag errors, orphan website pages, interstitial ads, keyword stuffing and much more, our technical SEO audit will find these issues and fix them for improved rankings.

Crawl errors

If a website isn’t being crawled correctly by the search engines your website won’t perform to its full potential. Websites typically suffer with broken links, missing pages, overused No-follow tags, pagination issues, redirect chains and crawl budget issues.

Website structure

The structure of a website can mean the difference of ranking on the third page to the first. We can help you optimise your website to create “topical clusters” to help the search engines understand your website better.

We will prioritise your most important pages and then direct your internal linking structure to show the search engines what pages they should consider important. We will also optimise your breadcrumbs, and fix your permalink structure.

Inbound Links

The inbound links pointing at your website will have a big impact on where your website sits on the search results pages, if you hire us for our link building service we will take care of your links including disavowing any spammy links. If however you’re only paying for an audit we will put together a list of your spammy links which you may want to disavow.


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