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Fed up of "Award Winning" SEO Agencies that don't deliver?

Yeah, us too.

If you want an SEO Agency in London that gets you results, keeps you in the loop without all the jargon and vanity metrics while using up to date SEO techniques that work, we could be the search engine marketing agency for you.

To see how if we can help you, get a free no-obligation video audit where one of our SEO consultants will run through your website highlighting areas in which we could help you grow.

SEO Agency London

We help our clients dominate the first page

seo company reviews

I highly recommend Weeare

My website looks great and is on the first page for many of my keywords beating huge chain restaurants like Franky and Bennies, Table Table and Nandos.  Bookings have shot through the roof and we are constantly full.

Emilio Ortiz - La Bodega Restaurant

seo company reviews

I am number one for all of them

Every time I go on Google looking for the different services that I offer I am on the first page for all of them, I don’t 100% understand how this all works but I’m fully booked for the next few months, amazing.

Karen Adlam - Taff Tail Dog Walking

seo company reviews

Top ranked personal trainer

If you need SEO for your business hire Ricky and his team.  I’m the top-ranked personal trainer in Cardiff and it’s changed my business overnight.  Can’t thank Weeare enough. If you need SEO hire them.

Toby King - TK Fitness

seo company reviews

Number 1 within 4 months

We contacted Weeare and were impressed with their audit.  Within 4 months we were number 1 for keywords for services in the £xxxx+ range.  We’ve cut down on our PPC spend and had to employ more staff to keep up with the demand.

Marc Harris - M&M Plumbing

seo company reviews

Highly Impressed with results

Weeare knew what was wrong with my old website and fixed it, we now have multiple first-page rankings and are higher than much bigger companies.  Organic traffic and enquires have increased since hiring Weeare.

Josh Perkins - Perky Marketing

seo company reviews

Understood my vision

I had a great experience working with Ricky. He understood my vision and happily went through several revisions. I’d absolutely recommend Ricky and use him again in the future.

Hannah Hope - Hope Marketing

Thinking of hiring an SEO company in London?

seo consultant work

Zero traffic to 20,000 organic visitors a month (in 18 months)

Search engine optimisation is a way of getting your website in front of a person who is ready to buy your product or service at that exact moment and coupled with a content marketing campaign you can even get in front of your buyers before they even know they have a problem.

We love working with clients and showing them the results they could have if they invest in improving their organic website traffic.

Many of our clients come to us because they have hired SEO agencies in the past and have no results to show for it.    Other clients have come to us without any knowledge of SEO but know they need to be found online.  Whatever your current situation, we will do our best to explain how you could grow your websites organic traffic without a tonne of jargon.

seo results

In 6 months we were able to double one of our clients traffic from 200 visitors a day to 400+

Some of our clients have gone from 0 rankings to over 600 first page rankings.  Others have gone from 0 traffic to 30,000 views a month and others have gone from £800 in sales per month to over £50,000.  Every website is different and if you are considering hiring an SEO agency in London we would ask you to fill out our free video audit.

Our video audit will be conducted by one of our SEO experts and will break down the areas in which your website could grow, this could be anything from technical issues causing problems on your website, content that could be created or links that would be needed to be built to your website.

link building

Our audit can uncover what your competitors are doing and from there we can show you how to beat them.

Our audit is free, personal and many of the businesses who have received one have thanked us for our in-depth review even if they didn’t hire us.  Also, we won’t follow up a million times trying to sell you on something if you aren’t interested.

Once you have seen our audits you will know if you want to work with us or not as I don’t think there’s another SEO agency out there giving these personalised video audits away for free.

Organic SEO London

We help businesses in London Increase their Organic search positioning.  If you need organic SEO services in London we help businesses that compete in:

  • Local SEO
  • National SEO
  • Ecommerce SEO

Our clients typically fall into 3 categories which are local, national and Ecommerce.  We help our clients in these areas through creating technically sound websites, creating amazing content, making sure your website is optimised to be found and generating backlinks to your website which improves your website’s authority and trust.

We use industry-leading techniques such as correlating over 2000 ranking factors and use personalised outreach to bloggers, journalists and website owners to get links to your website that no other agency are attempting to get.

the areas of seo we work in

Free 15 minute personalised video audit.

Get a 15 minute personalised video audit and find out how we would help your business grow.

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        Organic SEO services London

        If you want to increase your organic traffic to improve your enquiries or sales for your London based business we can help.  Here are some of the ways in which we will improve your website’s visibility on the search engines.

        Technical SEO Audit

        Technical SEO Audit


        Our technical SEO services will make sure that your website is technically sound before content creation, on-page optimisation and link building services start.  This way you get the most out of your budget and your goals can be hitter quicker.

        Content Marketing

        Content Marketing


        Our content marketing services will help your business catch buyers in different parts of their buyer’s journey.  Creating content that can help potential customers will raise your domains authority in the eyes of Google, it will bring in more organic traffic and it will also help attract links that can boost your websites visibility.

        On Page Optimisation

        On Page Optimisation


        We will take a look at over 2000 ranking signals that we know of and compare them to the top 10 results for each page on your website.  This helps us to see if there are any strong ranking signals that your website needs to follow so you can also get onto that first page.  We don’t know of many agencies that do this.

        Link Building

        Link Building


        With awesome content already on your website, we can now outreach to other bloggers, journalists and website owners who have talked about your subject matter to get them to link to that content.  You can see how we build links here.


        Through personalised outreach, we have been able to get our clients links from top publications or hyper-relevant websites in their industry.  We don’t outsource our link building services to Whitelabel companies like other SEO agencies in London.

        SEO Reporting without the Jargon

        SEO Reporting without the Jargon


        One of the main complaints our clients have when hiring an SEO agency is that they never know what the agencies have done for them.  Some SEO companies may send them reports but in terms of work, that’s been done it’s often hidden through jargon.


        We will show you every bit of work that has been done on your campaign and any outstanding work for that month through our project tracker which you will have access to 24/7.

        Now let's see if we can help you.

        No automated run of the mill audits here, just a free personalised in depth video review.

        Enter Your Website Address

          What Is Your Name?

            Finally, Where do we send your audit?

              Past Clients Results

              Some of our clients have over 400 first page rankings alone. So here are just a few rankings that we can share with you.

              seo client results

              From 0 to 20,000 visitors a month in just over 18 months

              seo client results

              In 6 months we doubled one of our clients website traffic. 200 visitors a day to 400+ (This is now up to 600 visits a day)

              seo client results

              The previous agency had over optimised the anchor text resulting in the website being penalised, we recovered these rankings and improved them.

              seo client results

              An example of what SEO can do for your firm. From Page 10 to the 2nd page in 4 months

              seo client results

              From 50th result to 1st page in 6 months for a high converting cosmetic keyword

              seo client results

              One of our clients now ranks for over 400 first page rankings that have increased their sales significantly.

              seo client results

              Before our SEO services

              seo client results

              11 Months after hiring us.

              What makes us different to the other SEO agencies in London?

              So this is the section where we get to call out our competitors and trash talk them…

              seo london agency

              Ok, maybe not.

              We will simply tell you about our company and you can make your own mind up.

              Firstly we only offer SEO as a service, we’re not one of these agencies that wan’t to sell everything under the Sun.  We want to do SEO and do it well.  And before someone calls us out, yes we offer web design but only if it will improve your SEO as a result.  We are not interested in taking on one off web design projects.

              With that out of the way, we are a small SEO agency that produces huge results! we have no plans of taking on 100+ clients and when our staff have reached their capacity we don’t overwhelm them with more clients than they can handle because that produces rubbish campaign results.

              Because our staff aren’t over worked it means they can focus on your campaign and not have to outsource anything to make sure your deliverables are met for that month.  Take a look at the links below for example.  These are real links built by an SEO agency in London (we reverse engineered their clients links)

              Look at these links, very little domain authority (DR) with no traffic and no ranking keywords.  In Googles eyes these are junk and if you build enough of these your entire website can get punished.  These links are more than likely purchased from an online market place for less than £100, meanwhile this SEO agency would charge you £3000+ a month. Ouch!

              bad backlinks

              The Types of links we build

              Not to brag or anything like that but our SEO experts rock! They build links that you can’t buy from an online market place and through personalised outreach we have had website owners thank us for taking the time to make an effort to contact them.  With great content and personalised outreach we have landed links like these:

              good backlinks good backlinks good backlinks

              See the difference?

              Huge domain authorities, they rank for thousands of keywords and have thousands of visitors landing on their website each month.  Getting links such as these will help Google trust your website more and can also send you some nice referral traffic that can turn into paying customers.  Nice!

              SEO Marketing Agency FAQs

              Here are some of the questions we get asked frequently.

              How long does it take to rank?

              SEO can take months to see improvements.  Your competitors, your budget, the content on your website, the links your website already has all play a part in your rankings.

              How much does SEO cost?

              Our SEO services start at £2000 a month.  We can give you a better idea of costs when we run an audit on your website and discuss your goals.

              What do you consider a successful SEO campaign?

              We will work with you do come up with your KPIs and measure against those as the campaign proceeds.  We tend to stay away from vanity metrics and count those that matter such as organic traffic, enquires and sales.

              Can you do keyword research for us?

              Yes we can help you to work on the keywords which your business should be targeting.  We will use your industry knowledge and then compare that to the data that we can collect to make an educated decision on the keywords your website should target and rank for.

              Whats included in your organic SEO services?

              All of our SEO services are tailored to your needs.  Some clients may need content more than links for a while where as others may need a lot more links.  We will recommend the services your site will need to grow.

              Generally our SEO services will include a technical SEO audit, on page optimisation and the content needed to attract links.

              Do you provide PPC or Social media?

              No our SEO agency only does SEO and that’s why we are masters at it.  If you do need these services we can reccomend you some agencies we have used in the past.

              Do you use PBNs?

              PBNs or private blog networks are websites that are set up so trick Google into thinking they are real websites and then they link to your website to manipulate the search results.

              Some agencies use PBNs and can get away with it but Google will punish your website if they find you doing this.

              We don’t use PBNs and all of our links are earned by creating good content that people like to link to.

              Can we schedule a meeting every day?

              We’re not the type of agency that jumps on a call every day.

              If you need an agency like that we aren’t going to be a good fit.

              Of course if you ever have a problem you can call us, but all of our clients are provided with a project tracker that can be accessed 24/7 so you are never left in the dark.

              We don’t do this to be mean, but as a client you are paying for our expertise, if you need a meeting every day that is going to eat into your budget and impact your campaigns success.


              Do you work with everyone?

              No we are picky with our clients and only work with those who we can help.

              If you have built thousands of spammy links to your website we can’t help you.

              If you work in the adult industry we also can’t help you.

              How do we get started?

              Enter your details into our SEO video audit section and one of our SEO consultants will get back to you with a personalised video audit.  In this audit we will show you the areas in which we can help.

              If we can’t help we will let you know.  We have never taken on a client that we didn’t think we could help.

              Still have a question? Get in touch with us

              Ready to get started?

              Enter your details below and we will review your website showing you where we could help.

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                  Finally, Where do we send your audit?

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