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Growing your Saas business can be difficult and it can be hard to know who to invest money in when it comes to SEO and organic services.  At Weeare we have worked with a wide variety of Saas companies including startups and industry-leading saas companies such as

We have helped Saas companies with SEO strategies, content marketing, website architecture, internal linking, technical SEO, link building and much more.  While all of the above may sound like something many of the other Saas SEO agencies promise, at Weeare we provide our services with the main aim of increasing your monthly recurring revenue.

We don’t work with all Saas companies that contact us as we only work with companies we know we can help.  To see if we could help you, enter your details in the free video audit below and a member of our team will run through your website and provide you with a video audit highlighting some of the ways in which you could grow your Saas business.

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We help our clients dominate the first page

seo company reviews

One of the best link building services

Ricky is one of the best link building consultants we collaborated with. He delivered the project successfully, built high-quality and relevant links for us. Communication is also on a high level.

Irina Maltseva - Head of Marketing -

seo company reviews

Diligent and effective at getting real results

It was great working with Ricky. He is very diligent and effective at getting real results. I would highly recommend Ricky to anyone looking for help with SEO and outreach

Yury - Managing Director ArtInASec

seo company reviews

Highly Impressed with results

Weeare knew what was wrong with my old website and fixed it, we now have multiple first-page rankings and are higher than much bigger companies.  Organic traffic and enquires have increased since hiring Weeare.

Josh Perkins - Director of Perky Marketing

Why choose us as your SaaS SEO agency?

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We drive organic traffic that converts. £120,000 worth of traffic if paid for via PPC.

Growing a Saas business with organic traffic is difficult without a strategic plan in place.  Most SaaS companies will operate in competitive markets where there are established companies they are competing with.

Without a strategy and someone to carry it out you are going to have a difficult time acquiring new users.

At Weeare we have helped startups and established SaaS companies gain more exposure and revenue through organic search.  We can help you identify topics that your audience cares about, help you write about those topics and then outreach to gain links to your website content so potential customers can find your business.

How we can help your Saas business grow

Generating inbound traffic is what we specialise in.  We can help you identify the topics your audience cares about and then get that content in front of their faces.  This will help improve your:

  • Organic website traffic.
  • Your relevance in the eyes of the search engines.
  • Increase in sign ups.
  • Revenue.

If you would like to see what we can do for your business.  Click the button below for a free video audit.

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        Our Process

        Hiring a SaaS SEO agency can be difficult, so having a battle-tested SEO plan that works takes the risk away.  Here is our process to generating more organic traffic for your SaaS company.

        Industry & Keyword Research

        Industry & Keyword Research

        The first part of our battle-tested SEO strategy is research.

        We look at your website, your competitors and look at what gaps and opportunities present themselves.  We then look at other sources on the internet for more inspiration so we can begin to build out a strategy.

        At Weeare we are a big fan of creating something called topical authority.  This means that we want you to dominate your space by being everywhere.  This can be achieved by researching your market and coming up with a plan to get in front of potential customers at every opportunity possible.

        Technical Fixes & Content Creation

        Technical Fixes & Content Creation

        As we are carrying out research and creating topical maps we are auditing your websites technical performance.  All websites will have problems, we will aim to fix them so the rest of our SEO services can be built on good foundations.

        When your website is technically sound we will move onto producing content.  If you have an in-house team of writers we can help them with keyword research and topic ideations.  We will work with your teams to pull in the same direction.

        If you don’t have an in-house content team this can be provided for you.  We can produce 10, 20, 50 or 100 articles a month depending on your budget so we can catch up and overtake your competitors in a short period of time.

        Outreach & Link Building Services

        Outreach & Link Building Services

        Competitive markets are going to need link building services.

        We create lists of “link prospects” or people who could potentially link to your website and reach out to them multiple times to get them to link to your content.

        Link building is one of the most time-consuming parts of SEO so hiring an agency that has years of experience is not only going to save you money but it’s also going to accelerate your growth.

        Monthly Growth Report

        Monthly Growth Report

        At the end of each month we will report all of the metrics that matter to you, from the number of posts published, the number of backlinks earned, to organic traffic increases and sales.

        All our clients will also have access to a 24/7 project tracking sheet that shows what work we plan to carry out for the month, what has been done, jobs in progress and tasks complete.

        Some of our clients have complained that past SEO agencies kept them in the dark, so we want you to know exactly what you get when you hire us.

        Now let's see if we can help you.

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              Past SEO Results

              When hiring a Saas SEO agency it’s important to see if your company can work with them but it’s also important to see if they have provided results for other companies too.  Here are some of the results we have driven for our clients.  You can also see some of our case studies here.

              seo client results

              Using content & Links we were able to earn 4800 first page rankings.

              seo client results

              We were able to drive £120,000 in organic traffic per month for this client.

              seo client results

              4800 first page rankings translate to 36,000 monthly visitors.

              seo client results

              From £800 in monthly revenue to £54,000 with content & links.

              Frequently asked SaaS SEO marketing questions

              Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get from Saas Clients.

              Do I need a SaaS SEO agency?

              If you have an in-house SEO team that can handle keyword research, technical SEO, content creation, outreach and link building then you probably don’t need a SaaS SEO agency.  However, what we find is that even the biggest SaaS companies don’t have the staff or capabilities for all of the above so they look to hire an SEO agency like ours.  Growing your SaaS company’s organic traffic is a huge task and can take your focus away from building out your product and improving its features.  Hiring a SaaS SEO agency can help you keep focused on what really matters for your business.

              What type of SEO do you focus on?

              Our team specialise in white hat link building and have built links from some of the biggest websites in the world for our clients.  We don’t partake in “black hat” services as we want our client’s websites to grow year on year.

              What services can you provide my SaaS company?

              At Weeare we focus mainly on content and link building services.  We can also offer technical SEO services and on-page optimisation too.

              Do you have long SEO contracts?

              No, all of our services are pay as you go.  You pay upfront and then we carry out the work.  We don’t lock our clients into contracts, we do good work and our clients stick around.

              How much does SaaS SEO cost?

              All of our SaaS SEO is bespoke to each client.   With that said our monthly services start at £2000.  You can see more information on our pricing below.

              Saas SEO Pricing

              As mentioned above, our SaaS SEO pricing is bespoke to our client’s needs.  Some clients will need more links and others content, while others will need both.  However, here are some typical pricing models our clients choose from.  When we perform a video audit on your website we will recommend what we think would work best for your SaaS business.

              £2000 Per Month

              Our services for SEO start at £2000 per month.  For this price, you can expect 20 hours of outreach for link building and the content to go on these sites to earn you links.

              Typically we earn our clients 8-10 high authority links per month for this budget.

              £3500 per month

              35 hours of SaaS SEO marketing.  This can be put all towards links, towards content or a mixture.

              Depending on how you want to structure your SaaS marketing you could do something along the lines of:

              20 hours of outreach for link building and 15 on-site articles.

              £5000 per month

              50 hours of SaaS SEO marketing.

              This can be put all towards links, towards content or a mixture.

              Depending on how you want to structure your SaaS marketing you could do something along the lines of:

              30 hours of outreach for link building and 20 on-site articles.

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