Why your restaurant website is losing you money

Why your restaurant website is losing you money

Restaurant websites are quite often one of the worst designed websites on the internet.

I cant remember how many times I have landed on a restaurant website simply looking for either the opening times, a contact number or the restaurants menu and not being able to find it.

I have also found that restaurant websites for some reason seem to be stuck in the past, auto playing music, website intro screens and PDF menu’s all leave a bad taste in your mouth.

These websites don’t leave a good impression of your business, so in this article I will give you some essential advice for when you are getting a website designed for your restaurant.

Visitors Needs

In any web design project the focus should be on your visitors needs. In the case of your restaurant visitors they will probably need to know the following:

• The restaurants location.
• The restaurants opening times.
• The restaurants contact information.
• The restaurants menu.

Your website user will also want to access this information on their phone as well as a desktop computer. When you know what your visitor needs then you can start designing a website that works for them.

Contact Information, location and opening times

One of the biggest problems with restaurant websites that I have found is a lot of them don’t have their contact information, location and opening times in an easy to find location. If your visitors cant find any of the information listed above then you will lose that customer.

Your visitors should be able to find all of the information listed above on every page that they land on. That way there can be no confusion on how to contact your business, where you are located or what times you are open.

Your Menu

Your menu that you have put careful consideration and planning into can also cause problems online. Most restaurant websites display their menu online in PDF form. You maybe thinking there is nothing wrong with this, but you would be wrong. Think back to your visitor, he or she just wants to see the items on the menu, how much your food costs and then they will make a decision whether:

• They like your food choices.
• The food is within their price range.

Your visitors want to browse, they don’t want to have to download a PDF to their computer or phone to then browse. Many visitors can also be cautious of PDF files because downloading them from an unknown source can lead to viruses being stored on their machine so you can see why some users may opt not to download your menu and skip your restaurant all together.

PDF files are easier for the web developer to attach to your site, it requires less development but overall it has a negative impact on your business. Don’t hire a lazy web developer, hire one that understands your business and its customers.

A better solution is to make the ‘Food Menu’ page on your website contain the actual items on your food menu and style the page appropriately to match. This allows the user to browse your menu, see your prices and make a decision without having to download a single file.

Mobile friendly website

All websites should be mobile friendly, but restaurant websites in particular are big offenders when it comes to not being mobile friendly.

If your website doesn’t work well on a mobile phone or a tablet then you are getting punished by the search engines. Your business listing will be further down the search list and your users will hate you!

A website that doesn’t work on a mobile phone will cause your users too much bother that they will abandon the reservation process completely.

In 2016 your website needs to work on a mobile phone, if it doesn’t you could be making up to 60% of your customers angry and frustrated, losing you and your business money.

If your website isn’t getting enough bookings you may have the above problems, another problem you may have is your SEO sucks.  If that is the case check out our SEO Cardiff post.

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