The power of a responsive website in wales.

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Whether you’re a huge business in Cardiff or a small business in the valleys a responsive website can help your business reach its goals. But what exactly is a responsive website?

Well right now you are reading this article on and depending on the device you are using to browse the website you will see it displayed in different ways. If you’re on a mobile phone you will see a different layout to someone who is browsing on a desktop or a tablet device.

At this point you maybe thinking but why do I care? Well to answer that you will need to understand that websites were originally built to be viewed on desktop computers. But in 2016 more and more people are using mobile phones to browse the internet. When browsing an old site on a mobile phone that isn’t responsive it looks broke.

That means if a visitor is landing on your website on their phone and you have an old site that isn’t mobile responsive then they are going to see a site that doesn’t display correctly.

There are many problems with having a website that doesn’t work on different devices, but the main problems would be:

• A non responsive website causes your users to become frustrated as navigating around your website is a nightmare.
• A non responsive website will be punished in the search engine rankings.

The last point is massive to all business owners. It doesn’t matter if you provide the best services, the best prices have the best customer testimonials, all of that counts for nothing. If your website isn’t mobile responsive then Google, Bing and the other search engines are pushing your website to the bottom of the pile while your competition is being pushed higher up the search results.

Being in a better position in the search engines means that your competitors websites are getting more visitors and turning those visitors into customers, while your old website is sitting on the 4th page of Google never to be seen.

What can you do about it?

If you don’t like being outranked and have your competition steal money from right under your nose then you will need to have your site redesigned and re developed.

If you’re looking for web design in wales we can help. You may also be interested in our SEO Cardiff service or our seo consultancy

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