Pay monthly websites – Choosing The Best Deal

You’ve decided that you need a website for your business and your willing to pay for it, but you have had some quotes back and people want £4-5k for a website for your startup or small business. Obviously, that is a lot of money, but there is another solution.

Pay monthly websites are something we have introduced this year and they have helped small business owners like yourself get online without huge upfront costs.

But there are so many companies to choose from varying in different price ranges that it soon becomes very complicated to choose the best pay monthly website plan for your business.

In this article, I am going to tell you everything you should take into consideration when choosing a pay monthly website for your business.

Pay monthly prices

pay monthly website deal

Firstly price.

Price is a good indication of where to start. Type into google right now pay monthly websites and you will see so many offers starting from £35-£40 for full websites. Sounds good right, cheap enough for most and some of the sites look ok, not great but enough to do the job. Maybe enough so that your business can get by until you can afford to upgrade your website in the future, but why waste your money?

From most of the web design agencies offering monthly payment plans from £35 I find their work of a low quality, and personally, I don’t care how cheap the web design package is, if it makes your business look bad, avoid it!

Our lowest pay monthly package is our one page design and that starts off at £49 per month.  Although this will be fine in some industries, 99% of businesses will need more than a 1 page website.

Another point to take into consideration is that a lot of these companies offering websites in this range are using cheap website themes. If you don’t know what a website theme is then let me explain briefly.

A website theme is something another developer has made with the purpose of selling it to as many other businesses as possible. This way they make a lot of money and the user (potentially you) has an affordable web design solution. But, and this is a big but, this website theme is now being used by 100’s or even thousands of other companies, making your website fade into the crowd.

Your website is your business’s first impression and if you’re using a theme that the visitor has seen before then chances are your first impression isn’t going to be great.

Others offering monthly website design in the £30-£40 bracket are creating custom sites which are great, however, their design sucks and the code underneath the website (like an engine of a car) is even worse.

Bad website code can mean slow loading websites, non-search engine friendly websites and the user experience is often terrible because the websites look terrible.

If you are looking for a pay monthly website for your business I would say stay clear of this price bracket unless you really can’t afford to pay a little more.

Your website features / limits

pay monthly website deals

When looking to pay for your website monthly you should also take into consideration the needs of your users now and in the future.

For example, I often see the pay monthly web design agencies charging based on page limits. Usually, the page limits are in 5-page blocks, so a 5-page website costs £65, a 10-page costs £85. 15 pages cost £125 etc.

But for me, this is not practical or my clients (one of them has over 500 pages). You may only need 10 pages on your site for now, but in the future, you may want to build out more pages depending on the services you offer, the areas in which you are now selling your products and so on. If you are going to pay more and more every 5 pages it soon becomes very expensive.

Unlike other pay monthly web design agencies we don’t limit our clients to a set amount of pages. Sure we are not going to build a site like eBay for our small monthly fee but our monthly web design service for small business owners will allow you to create the website your business needs without having to worry about the number of pages you have used up. Afterall if you can make more money by adding more pages to your site we want you to.

Other web design agencies will also limit the functionality of the website, so if you need a blog you are charged more. If you need to integrate social media marketing you are charged more. If you want to add email marketing sign-ups to the website you are charged more. You get the picture, by adding small charges here and there these web design companies are able to charge you more in the future and before long your little £65 per month package has turned into £300. We have seen this happen many times. If you want a web design agency with clear and upfront pricing then check out our affordable pay monthly website packages.

Other limitations to look out for include if your website is being built on something called a CMS or not.

The cheaper agencies build your website in all web files making them extremely hard for you to update without knowing how to code. The better web design agencies (us) use a content management system which basically allows you to add, delete, edit and create new content on your website with ease. If your pay monthly web design agency doesn’t offer a content management system please stay clear of them.

At Weeare we use the CMS called WordPress which is one of the most popular CMS on the planet. It’s easy to use and is so flexible. You can see how easy it is to add a new page on WordPress below.

Web design companies will also charge you more for features like:

  • Adding Google maps
  • Adding a contact form
  • Making your website mobile responsive
  • Live chat integration
  • Making your site SEO friendly

All of the above take extra time, and I can see why other developers start charging more for them to be put on your website, but the truth is these should be on your website as standard. Giving the option not to add these to your monthly web design package is irresponsible and will affect the performance of your website.

Think of it this way. Adding seat belts to a car may add time onto the production of a car but you wouldn’t buy a car without them, and you certainly wouldn’t buy a website without it being search friendly or mobile responsive.

Website flexibility

Like mentioned briefly above you will need to update your website at some point in the future. It may be a small change, or it could be many changes. If your website is on the server in HTML, PHP and CSS files and you have to edit the code to make changes there is a very good chance that you will break the entire site if you try making these changes yourself.

The only other option you are left with (which these developers count on) is you paying them to make the changes to your site. A little headline update that’s £50 please. Oh, can you add my twitter account, yes sure that’s another £50. You get where I am going with this.

Wouldn’t it be more affordable and easier to pay a web design agency that builds your website in such a way that editing it becomes a breeze without knowing how to code.

If you want a website that is easy to use, update and add to without having to pay a developer to make small changes then you should sign up with us. Our websites are so easy to use, if you can send an email you can edit a website made by us.

Hosting, support and more.

monthly hosting and support

When choosing a pay monthly website agency you also want to take into consideration that many of the cheaper agencies are based outside of the UK where the living wage is cheaper. Sure you get cheaper savings when it comes to your monthly investment, but that all goes out of the window when you have to spend half a day going over instructions multiple times just to make small changes to your site.

If you are seriously looking at investing in a pay monthly website then try to get someone in the UK who offers support with your monthly package. Even if you don’t need the support all that much it’s good to know it’s there and believe me there will be a time where you will need it.

Good hosting is also a must for your business. Lower cost web design agencies will often put your websites on the minimum levels of hosting which means that if your site gets a rush of visitors it will soon be offline. A website that is offline will lose you money. Pick an agency that offers good website hosting (we do, our websites handle anything from a few hundred to tens of thousands of visitors a month)

Choosing a good design

pay monthly website design

A website should firstly be built around your business goals and the content that you have. A simple concept but so many web design agencies don’t do it. They also don’t seem to test any of their websites as I have seen so many of their client’s websites with broken pages, broken forms, pages with massive gaps and missing sections and so on.

Choosing a cheaper web design agency will often mean that you are going to sacrifice the look of your website. Anyone can throw a few pages together, but a website that makes you money 24/7 is going to take planning, design and great execution. Just keep in mind when choosing a monthly website plan for your business.

At Weeare we tend to take your website requirements from yourself when you start the signing up process, research your field, your competitors, your goals and then come up with a solution, we present that solution to you and then when you’re happy we begin designing keeping your existing branding in mind. If you would like to work with us click here to sign up now.

Analytics, SEO and growing your business

analytics for website

Cheaper pay monthly web design agencies won’t even bother with this step, Which is a massive mistake.

Knowing what your potential customers are using to search for a business like yours is invaluable. And you may think you would be able to guess, however, look at these keywords:

  • Plumbers Cardiff
  • Cardiff Plumbers

Both keywords are similar just the other way around from each other. let’s say you own a plumbing business and you set your website up to rank on the Google searches for the keyword Cardiff plumbers. If you got to the top of the search engine results you could potentially get 200-300 people landing on your website each month, which isn’t bad. In fact, it could mean £10-20k in sales a month. But…

If you went for the keyword Plumbers Cardiff you could potentially have 1600 visitors on your website a month. Look at how much money you could be losing due to not having an agency that knows how to research your website’s keywords.

When choosing a pay monthly website design agency please make sure that the agency knows how to conduct SEO research, SEO audits and run successful link building campaigns. By doing so you are giving your business every chance of doing well online.

Other considerations would include the ability to add Google Analytics, Google Adwords retargeting and Facebook pixels. All of this may sound like gobbledegook but being able to track your website users gives you the knowledge on which visitors are most profitable to your business, where they came from and where you can find more of them.

Terms, conditions, and contract lengths

When signing up for a pay monthly website plan it’s important to check the terms, conditions and contract lengths so you know where you stand when it comes to your website and your business.

A good web design agency should have fair terms and conditions and won’t try to lock you into super long contracts. If they were any good you wouldn’t want to leave would you.

Final considerations

When choosing a pay monthly website designer you may also want to consider that some agencies make you pay hidden fees, upfront fees and often the price advertised is not the price you pay.

With all of the above said, if you want no hidden fees, no upfront fees, no contracts, unlimited updates, UK support, free SEO research and on page optimisation, a mobile-friendly website, bespoke design and much more for a small monthly fee of £99 then sign up with us, we would love to help your business grow.

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