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High end web design for high end goods

Hacker & Case had come to us because they had a new website designed by an web design agency in Cardiff but they weren’t happy with the design or the results they were getting from their website.  We discussed the project and decided that we would provide design, development, PPC and SEO services to improve their search visibility.

A focus on the products

Once again with an ecommerce website design we feel as if the focus of the website should be on the products.  We created a clean and crisp website that was easy to navigate to the various different sections of the site.

Elegant and classic design

We came up with an elegant and classic design that not only did Hacker and Case love but also their clients and stockists.

clients website complete

Mobile Responsive & Search Friendly

Hacker and Case felt that their previous website was too hard to use and this made updating the products and the stock a nightmare.  We solved this by creating a simple back end where they could click a few buttons, fill in a few boxes and the website would update easily.

We created a mobile responsive website that would allow Hacker and Case to be more search engine friendly.

Their previous website was not mobile responsive even though it was only made a year previously.  Almost immediately after launch Hacker and Case search rankings improved and were on the third page of Google.


mobile responsive development

Search ranking increase, better bounce rate & more sales

Hacker and Case is an ongoing process but we have already hit the first page for multiple high value keywords and project to hit many more increasing the website search traffic, time spent on site and sales.

better rankings on the search engines

Search traffic is already up after only a short period of time, search engine rankings have increased and so has the time spent on the site from users.

Overall we are very happy with the progress so far and will continue to work with Hacker and Case to increase their search engine visibility.

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