Digital PR Agency London

Looking for a digital PR agency that can run online PR campaigns that can improve your brand awareness, increase SEO rankings, explode your content marketing efforts and land coverage on the biggest websites in the world? Look no further.

digital pr agency in london

At Weeare we help our clients get consistent coverage through our battle-tested PR strategy that allows us to get featured in the media outlets your customers read.

We are a creative link-building agency that uses online pr activity to help our clients earn authoritative links and media placements that improve search engine rankings and cut down on Google ads spend and we can help grow your business by putting you in front of your target audience.

Unlike other digital PR agencies, we offer a link guarantee and if for whatever reason we can’t get you coverage we will refund you 100%.

Digital PR Experts

We are a small team of PR experts that can help you build links, earn coverage and increase your brand awareness.  Our digital PR service starts of with a strategy and then moves on to research, data collection, content creation, press release writing and outreach to relevant journalists.

We can provide reactive digital pr, data-led campaigns, thought leadership campaigns and much more, if you are looking for a digital PR expert that can help you grow, get in touch with us today, or if you would like to know more about our digital pr process keep on reading.

Digital PR Process

Every agency will have its own processes when it comes to digital PR, and they will also have their own KPIs too.  For us we always start with the strategy, then move on to research and data collection, then we will move on to content creation and press release writing and finally, we will contact the relevant journalist/s to tell your story.


digital pr strategy

We first need to know what the goal is, are we looking to build brand awareness, are we looking to incorporate Digital PR with your SEO strategy, are we trying to push down negative news when someone searches for your company? Or are we doing something else?  Once we know your goals we can then work on a digital pr strategy to meet them, next we need to research what has been done before.


As a digital PR agency there is nothing worse than getting excited about an idea and then realising it was done a few weeks or even days ago.  Digital PR is a competitive space so doing your research is vital to making sure you get the best media coverage. When we have researched what has been done, we can then begin collecting data and creating content.

Content Creation

Creating content from your research is the next step in the process and depending on your goals you may want to run with a big hero campaign or go for smaller campaign ideas to minimise the risk of no coverage.

Press release writing

writing a press release

We cut out the fluff and write a press release showing the data in an easy-to-understand format that journalists can use.  This maximises our chances for media coverage and links.


We use our technical knowledge to make sure that your story is landing in the inbox of the journalist rather than the spam box, this results in more email opens and more journalists seeing your stories.  

By outreaching out to the right journalists in a manner in which they like we can improve your online presence by putting your business on authoritative websites. By doing all of the above we have landed our clients on websites such as The Daily Mail, The Sun, Huffington Post, AOL, MSN, Yahoo, The Mirror and many more top publications.

Hiring a digital PR Agency

There are many digital PR agencies out there that do excellent work, but if you are looking for a digital PR agency that can run a digital pr campaign for your business without the risk of getting no coverage then speak to us.  

We earn all our client’s placements in top-tier websites and guarantee at least 5 media placements and links or we will work for free until we do, or you can get a full refund, whichever you would prefer.

So if you need help with writing press releases, link building, marketing strategy or want to run multiple digital pr campaigns get in touch today.

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