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White hat link building services that you will be proud to associate your brand with.

If you want to build on your websites organic SEO we can help.

You already know that backlinks play an important part in growing your websites organic visibility, but if you have ever tried building them on your own or have hired an SEO agency to do the work for you, you will know how tough it is to earn the right backlinks or pick an SEO company that can deliver results.

Our link building services solves the problem for you. Our experienced team of digital marketers can build high-quality content, acquire relevant and authoritative links and improve your websites organic reach.

Link Building Services

We help our clients dominate the first page

seo company reviews

One of the best link building services

Ricky is one of the best link building consultants we collaborated with. He delivered the project successfully, built high-quality and relevant links for us. Communication is also on a high level.

Irina Maltseva - Head of Marketing -

seo company reviews

Extremely good consultant and a great professional

Ricky is an extremely good link building consultant and a great professional. It was obvious from the start that he has a good deal of knowledge and I have seen results from his work which is the most important thing. I enjoyed working with him

Dr Majid Shah - Aesthetics Consultant

seo company reviews

Top ranked personal trainer

If you need SEO for your business hire Ricky and his team.  I’m the top-ranked personal trainer in Cardiff and it’s changed my business overnight.  Can’t thank Weeare enough. If you need SEO hire them.

Toby King - Personal Trainer

seo company reviews

Number 1 within 4 months

We contacted Weeare and were impressed with their audit.  Within 4 months we were number 1 for keywords for services in the £xxxx+ range.  We’ve cut down on our PPC spend and had to employ more staff to keep up with the demand.

M Harris - Director of M&M Plumbing

seo company reviews

Highly Impressed with results

Weeare knew what was wrong with my old website and fixed it, we now have multiple first-page rankings and are higher than much bigger companies.  Organic traffic and enquires have increased since hiring Weeare.

Josh Perkins - Director of Perky Marketing

seo company reviews

Diligent and effective at getting real results

It was great working with Ricky. He is very diligent and effective at getting real results. I would highly recommend Ricky to anyone looking for help with SEO and outreach

Yury - Managing Director ArtInASec

Why hire a link building agency?

seo consultant work

Rarely can you rank with content alone. 0 - 20,000 website visitors a month in 18 months.

Ranking for any keyword term that is competitive without backlinks is going to be next to impossible.

Backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors when it comes to SEO and if you don’t have as many authoritative links as your competitors you are going to find it difficult to rank on the search engines.

Make no mistake about it building backlinks is very hard.

We have been building links for many years and even we can hit a wall sometimes.  Thankfully our experience comes into play and we have learned to pivot to get the best results.

If you are finding it hard to build links to your website or you simply want to outsource the backlink building process to a link building agency like ourselves then we can help.


seo results
White hat backlinks doubling website product page traffic over 6 months.

White hat link building services

There are many ways to improve your search engine rankings some of which are frowned upon by the search engines and can get your website de-indexed.  We work with some of the biggest companies in the world and they trust us to build links that are not only safe but will improve their search engine visibility too.

Our link building services have taken some of our clients rankings from 0 keywords on the first page to over 600.  We have also taken websites doing £800 in sales per month to £50,000.

Our link building services work, because we put the effort into being creative and coming up with new ways of gaining links for our clients.

The types of links we can build for your business.

  • Guest Posts.
  • Resource page link building.
  • Skyscraper outreach.
  • Much more.

We use a variety of methods with our link building services when building links for our clients.  If you want to see some of the ways in which we build links check out our ultimate link building guide.

If you don’t want to read a 15,000 word guide on building links that’s ok.  We got you.

When we build links to your website you can be assured they are from real websites, with traffic that are relevant to your business.  These are the types of links that Google likes, and they will reward you with better rankings and traffic when you earn these links.

the areas of seo we work in

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        Our Link Building Process

        Not all links are built equally.  Our link building process has been used by some of the biggest brands in the world.  We can help you build links too.



        Whether we are working in a new industry or if we have experience building links in your vertical we will take the time to research your market to see how we can beat your competition.

        When we have researched your industry, your competitors and content that gets links we can then put together a plan to build the best links your website can earn.


        Content Creation

        Content Creation

        Depending on your budget we can either create content for you or we can give you ideas that work well when gaining links in your industry.  We will then use this content to attract links from other websites.

        Link Building Outreach

        Link Building Outreach

        When your content is created we can start outreaching for backlinks.  There are many ways of doing so and we will use the strategies that we think will work best to gain you the best links.



        All of our clients have access to a project tracker that they can access 24 hours of the day.  This tracker will show you what companies we intend to outreach to, what links we have earned and any outstanding work for the month.

        Now let's see if we can help you.

        No automated run of the mill audits here, just a free personalised in depth video review.

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              Link Building Results

              Link building is one part of SEO but in our opinion, it’s one of the main ranking factors in the eyes of Google.  Below are some of the results that our clients have experienced.  Whether it’s outranking the NHS for medical devices or outranking bathroom companies like Victoria Plum our Link building services have pushed our clients further up the search results.

              seo client results

              From 0 to 20,000 visitors a month in just over 18 months

              seo client results

              In 6 months we doubled one of our clients website traffic. 200 visitors a day to 400+ (This is now up to 600 visits a day)

              seo client results

              he previous agency had over optimised the anchor text resulting in the website being penalised, we recovered these rankings and improved them.

              seo client results

              An example of what link building can do for your firm. From Page 10 to the 2nd page in 4 months

              seo client results

              From 50th result to 1st page in 6 months for a high converting cosmetic keyword

              seo client results

              One of our clients now ranks for over 400 first page rankings that have increased their sales significantly

              seo client results

              Before our link building services

              seo client results

              After our link building services

              Link Building Services FAQs

              Here are some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to our link building services.

              Do you have samples of links?

              No, we don’t use a database of links.  We will build links from the content you have on your website or from websites that are relevant to you.  We don’t use links from a database which are usually low-quality spam that can get your website in trouble.

              Are the links you build safe?

              Yes, the links we build are from real websites owned by real people.  These are the links Google likes as you will have to earn them through creating good content.

              Do you guarantee links?

              We don’t guarantee a set number of links as every client is different.  A client with good content is going to earn more links than one that doesn’t.  If you don’t have good content, we can provide you with that too.

              What is a link building service?

              When one website links to another, a backlink is created.  A website with more relevant backlinks is far more likely to rank higher than one that doesn’t.  A link building service or link building agency like ours creates these backlinks by getting other websites to link to yours.

              What link building strategies do you use?

              We use a wide variety of link building strategies including blogger outreach, guest posting, resource page link building, broken page link building, infographic link building, stolen image link building and many of our own internal techniques too.

              What is a black hat link?

              A black hat link is a link that has been created to “game” the system.  Blackhat links can rank your website but they can also get your website into trouble with Google.

              What is a white hat link?

              A white hat link is a link that is created not to game the system but to improve it.  If for example you had an email marketing software and someone was writing about improving email open rates, you may contact them to tell them about the software and they could add your link because it improves the content on the user’s site.  This type of link is earned and is known as a white hat link.

              How long does link building take to work?

              We have seen one good link improve the ranking of a website and we have also seen a page needing 100+ links to get it onto the first page.  Every link building project is different and we can discuss your goals to make sure they are realistic with the budget you have.

              Do I have to sign up for a contract?

              No, we don’t make our clients sign any link building contracts.  Our link building services can be purchased as a one time purchase or you can stick around for many months to come like many of our clients do.

              Does link building work?

              Yes, link building is one of the most important ranking signals in our opinion.

              What is the turnaround time?

              Between 30-40 days.  We will get our work done within 30 days but sometimes we have to wait on other webmasters to put our links live.

              Can I use an exact match anchor?

              All of our links are put live on real websites. So guaranteeing an exact match anchor isn’t something we can do.  We can try and get your keywords into the anchor text but often we are at the mercy of the webmaster.  Once again these are real websites that we earn links from so having the anchor text “best microphones for sale in London” for example doesn’t look natural.

              Can I change a link after it goes live?

              This isn’t something we can do, once again we build links on real websites and asking for our links to get changed is a great way of losing a link.

              How do we communicate?

              When signing on as a client you will have access to our managing director and head of search.  You can send an email and you will get a response back as soon as possible.  For reporting, we can set up a weekly or monthly call to go over progress.

              We don’t do daily catchups or scrum meetings.

              Do you offer link building packages?

              No, we don’t offer 5 links for £x,xxx.  When you hire us you hire us per hour.

              We do this so we don’t limit the number of links you can potentially get.  One of our clients for example has a monthly budget of £2500 for link building and we often get them anywhere between £5000 and £7000 worth of links compared to if they were buying from another vendor.

              If we were to charge per link our clients would miss out on big link building opportunities.

              If you would like to learn more about our pricing, check out below.

              Link Building Services - Prices

              As mentioned above, we don’t have link building packages where you spend x and get a certain number of links back.  All of our outreach is done manually, and we don’t know how many links we can get back before outreaching to other blogs.

              £2000 Per Month

              We start our link building services of at £2000 per month.  For this, you get 20 hours of our time for email outreach.  You also get any content to place on other websites on top to secure these links.

              On average we land between 8-12 high-quality links per month on this budget.

              £3500 Per Month

              35 hours of SEO link building per month, including all of the content on top to be placed on other websites.

              We typically get between 15-20 links per month at this budget.

              £5000 Per Month

              This is suitable for companies that don’t have any digital assets that can be used to gain links.  This also included 50 Hours of link building per month, plus the content to go on other websites as well as either a long-form guide or multiple blog posts to go on your own website to help with link building.

              We typically get between 20-30 links per month at this budget.

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