Link Building Guarantee

At Weeare we like to take the risk out of link building for all our clients by offering our Link Guarantee. We offer our clients a minimum of 5 DR70 links per campaign. If we don’t achieve that we will work for free until we do.

The majority of campaigns are complete within 30-40 days, however some can be quicker and some can take longer.

As we offer digital PR services we have no control over a link placement or anchor text, or if the link is do follow or no-follow. We will use your brand name the majority of the time which runs in line with Google’s best practices. We do include Syndicated links in our link totals.

All of our links are earned and we guarantee that no links will ever be paid for. This ensures the safety of your website and that you are getting a true digital PR service.

Our link-building process involves creating a story out of data and then pitching that story to journalists. We primarily work in the UK and USA. If we pick up links from domains scoring less than a DR70 we will record them so you can see the links earned but they will not be counted towards your minimum link threshold, any links over a DR70 will be recorded towards your link tally.

After an article has gone live on a publication it’s difficult to change it. Keep this in mind when hiring a digital PR service. Also please be aware that the stories we pitch can be changed by the press, so the releases we send may be different to what is published in the media.

On payment of our invoice, you accept these terms.

Last updated: February 2023

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