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As one of the top-ranked SEO agencies in Cardiff (& The UK) we know what it takes to rank a website for your desired keywords (sometimes hundreds of keywords) per page.


If your on-page optimisation is on point, your website is technically sound and you have great content but you can’t seem to increase your website’s rankings or organic traffic you could just need better links than your competitors. If you haven’t sorted all of the above out, you may want to check our full SEO service page.

At Weeare we specialise in Link building and you can see exactly how we do it here with our 15,000+ word link building guide, but if you haven’t got the time for that we build links to our client’s websites through manual outreach and by creating amazing and relevant content to your services.

Why use our link building services?

Companies that use us usually don’t have the time to create content, outreach to others to place content to build links and sometimes aren’t sure about anchor text optimisation or the right pages to build links to.

Our link building services can help you with the above and so much more.

Companies work with us because we get links from real websites that boost your search engine visibility and organic traffic. We don’t buy cheap links from resellers like other agencies and we don’t have a database of companies to buy links from. All the links we create are built so from the industry you work in.

For example, if you have a company that sells office furniture, we may do a Google search for something along the lines of:

“Benefits of ergonomic office furniture”

link building cardiff

When you do this a bunch of websites will come up which we can then look for some sort of relevance between what they speak about and the product you sell.

From above you can see there’s a DR 54 website that gets 16,000 visitors a month. A website like that is more trusted in the eyes of Google than a spammy link that other sellers may offer.

Why build links?

Your websites link profile is a huge ranking factor in deciding where your website shows up on the search engines. The better your link profile the better you are going to rank.

Now that doesn’t mean more links!

In fact, we try to build the most authoritative links possible so we don’t have to build many of them. This keeps your costs down and makes sure you are only spending your marketing budget on services that will get results.

How many links will you need to rank?

At weeare, we have built proprietary software which can analyse your competitors link profile and then give you a breakdown of the links they have, their relevance and how many links you will need to compete with them.

If you know your competitor has 200 links to their page and your website is new or you haven’t done any SEO in the past, we can then look at their links break them down into “buckets” of authority and relevance.

This could look something like this:

Domain Authority | Number of links

DA(0-30) Number of links = 120

DA(30-40) Number of links =  60

DA(40-60) Number of links = 40

DA(60+) Number of links = 0

Out of the 200 links, our software will tell us which of those links are relevant to your competitor’s page. Link relevance is a huge factor when it comes to link building and building relevant links could mean instead of building 200 links like your competitor we would only have to build 100 to outrank them.

What this means for you as a client is that we then have a clear roadmap of what we need to do to help your website rank.

If we need 100 links we can break this down over a 12 month period of building around 8 links a month. If you want results quicker we can then adjust this number to work with your budget.

Can you tell me how many links I would need before I hire you?

Yes, of course, we offer a link audit service which costs £250 for one keyword and £50 every keyword after. This fee is then taken away from our services if you choose to hire us. This link audit is to make sure your goals are in line with your budget so you can make a return on your investment.

Link Building FAQ’s

Here are some of the questions we get asked about our link building services in Cardiff.

How do you build your links?

We build links by creating content on your website and outreach asking for links back, or we create content on other websites and link back to yours. You can see our link building guide for more info.

How much does this cost?

Our link building services start at £100 per hour for a minimum of 15 hours a month. Clients in this range usually get 6-10 links a month from high authority domains.

Can you help me with anchor texts?

Yes, we can help you with anchor text selection so that your website ranks for many years to come.

What DA’s are the link you get?

All of our link building campaigns are unique and the websites that we will pitch will depend on your services. For example, some agencies will sing from the top of their voice that they can get links from publications such as the BBC which is great, but for most businesses getting a link from the BBC probably isn’t going to be possible. What is possible though is getting links from relevant websites that will boost your search rankings.

The DA/DR’s of the website we get links from varies but in general they are DA30+ and have even landed DA85 links for our clients.

How do I get started?

Click the contact button below and fill in your information, we can then provide you with a free video audit that talks about some of the ways in which your website could increase its organic visibility. Or you can get in touch for a paid link audit that shows you exactly how many links you are going to need to outrank your competition.

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