Increase website conversion rate


Most people think that more traffic equals more sales, and often they are correct.  But getting more traffic often means that you have to invest in SEO services.   In this article, we will show you how to earn more money by increasing your conversion rate.

Everyone owns a website, but most websites do not perform as well as they should. In this article, we will look at ways that you can increase website conversion rate. So let’s start.

Full-Screen Images to increase website conversion rate

Full-screen images act as an interruption, they stop the visitor and force them to take notice. You may have already seen a full-screen image on this website.

Full-screen images make visitors take notice of your message and because of this, they increase website conversion rate. Full-screen video can also be used to achieve the same effect.

Split Screen Layouts

Split-screen layouts allow the visitor to get where they want to quickly. A split-screen layout is good for a business that has more than one main service.  At WeeAre we mainly sell web design and SEO services, we did consider using a split-screen layout on our index page, however, we felt that in this instance a split-screen did not fit into our design.

A split-screen element on a website funnels your visitors to exactly where you want them, this can increase website conversion rate.

Make your call to action stand out

If you want your user to do something, then make that something stand out.

If your website is mostly black and white and you want your visitor to sign up for your email list then make your email list button a bright colour. The brighter colour on the button is going to make your offer stand out because of this the button is going to receive more clicks and more email sign-ups.

As well as making your call to action stand out you can always have it pinned to the screen. You could have your call to action always stuck to the screen via the header, sidebar, or even the footer.

On our website you can see that the header is always stuck to the top of the screen, this is more to do with us wanting the user to be able to navigate around the website as easily as possible, but we could replace the navigation button with a call to action if we wanted.

Having your call to action (CTA) always-on screen is going to make it easier for your visitors to be able to take the action you want at all times.

Single Column CTA

Another great way to increase conversions on your website is to have a single column CTA. We use a single column CTA on this website as we want our visitors to contact us if they want us to work on their projects.

A single column CTA will make people stop and take notice, this helps to convert your visitors into customers by making it easy for them to contact you or take the next step in the process.

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