How to get more reviews for your storage business and how you should respond to them.

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GMB reviews for self storage companies

Word of mouth has always been a factor when getting clients for your storage business, but over the last few years it’s also been a local ranking factor when it comes to your storage website showing up on Google’s search results page.

At Weeare we provide SEO for self storage companies and we see storage businesses miss out on free traffic all of the time by not optimising their GMB listing by not getting any reviews.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the ways you can get reviews for your self storage business and how you should react to them.  

Why get reviews at all?

gmb reviews for self storage companies

Getting reviews for your self storage business isn’t an easy task and many businesses find they don’t know how to ask for them. Reviews are powerful though and 88% of consumers trust reviews like they were personal recommendations from a friend.

Having reviews on your website and on places such as Google my business is going to not only increase your conversion rate but also increase your click-through rate. A click-through rate is the number of times your website comes up in the search results divided by the times your website is clicked on.

Not only do more reviews help generate more leads but they are also a local ranking factor to where your self storage website shows up when someone searches for storage in your local area. 

What do I need to get reviews?

gmb reviews

To get reviews for your business you can sign up to a third-party provider such as Trust Pilot, Yelp, Which and many more, from there you can connect these ratings to your website either through coding or simply linking out to them on your website.

Some of the third-party consumer review sites charge a fee so you may want to use a free service such as Google my business. Google my business is one of the best third-party review systems a business can use as it’s free and it’s also one of the first review sites to show up when someone Googles your business name.

To get reviews for your Google listing you will need to sign up for a free account and then confirm your address via post. This whole process only takes a few days and it’s easy to do. 

How to get more reviews

Now your storage listing is verified you can start getting reviews for your business. Getting reviews is tough as people only tend to leave reviews when they have bad experiences. However, by being creative we can get customers who have good experiences with your self storage company to leave reviews.

Getting customers to leave a review with Google is harder than it should be so hopefully in the future Google will figure out an easier way for someone to leave a review, but for now, we will have to persevere.

To get the link to your Google listing you will need to Google your business name on Google maps. When you find your business listing click on write a review.

You will then need to copy the website address that’s in the URL bar at the top of your page. For restaurant Gordon Ramsey in London you get the following:,




Now you could send that to clients and ask them to review you but it looks spammy and could put people off from clicking the link. What you will need to do is clean up the link by using something called a URL shortener.

There are many out there, so Google “URL Shortener” and select one that works for you. If you are investing time into getting Google reviews for your business it may be worth investing in a paid URL shortener so you can have a brandable link.

You can enter the long URL into the shortener and get a brandable link back which could look like the following:

As you can see the above URL is much more manageable and looks legitimate. You can then send this website address to customers to review your business.

Adding a review link to your website

google reviews for storage companies

The footer of your storage website is a good place to link from so happy customers can leave reviews on your business. As you control the text on your website you can insert a link to your review page above and it doesn’t matter what if you choose to use a short link or the longer one as you can control the anchor text that shows on your website.

Having a link on your website won’t be enough to get many reviews though as you will need to ask customers to leave them.

Asking customers for reviews

10 Ways to get more customers with SEO

As we mentioned earlier in the article, people who have negative experiences are far more likely to leave reviews so we have to combat that and ask the customers who have had good experiences to leave them.

One way of asking for reviews is to get business cards made with your Google review short link printed on them. You can then hand these cards out to people who you know have had good experiences with your company and ask them to leave a review.  

You can also ask people in person who have had a positive experience with you to leave a review for you. This is similar to what the app development companies do when you have used an app for a certain period. Be sure only to ask when you know you have helped someone otherwise you could cause more frustration and get a negative review.

You can also ask customers to leave reviews through social media or email marketing, all you need to do is provide them with a short link and explain how it helps your business and that it takes only a few minutes to do.  

Past clients that have had good experiences with you are a great source of reviews but you can also ask vendors, partners and even employees for reviews as they can all attest to dealing with you regularly.

Responding to reviews

responsding to reviews

A positive review is good for your storage business so when someone leaves one be sure to thank them for their review and also thank them for being a customer. After all, there are many storage companies out there that they could have chosen so being appreciative goes a long way.

When replying to reviews there are some tricks you can use to help with your local ranking. For example, you can include some of your primary keywords in your reply which can influence the local ranking algorithm. 

An example of this is if a client leaves a positive review, you could reply along the lines of:

“Thank you Mrs Smith for firstly choosing us as your trusted and affordable storage provider in London, we appreciate the good review and if there is anything else we can help you with please let us know.

Your Name

Your Business Name.”

As you can see from the reply above, not only do we thank the client but we also include some keywords which customers may use to find us in the future. In this example:

  • Affordable storage
  • London.
  • Storage in London.

Anyone searching for storage in London, storage units in London or affordable storage in London could be shown this review as it is relevant to them.

When using your keywords in your reply be sure not to overdo it as you don’t want to come off as being inconsiderate or you don’t want to come off as a robot. Keep your reply as natural as possible.

Negative reviews

negative reviews

Any successful business is going to get negative reviews, so when you do get one don’t panic.

Sometimes a negative review can’t be helped as we all make mistakes. How you respond to a negative review though will affect how others will see your company.

If you find yourself getting negative reviews constantly you will need to fix the issue first as this will severely impact your business ranking and your sales.

If you do get a negative review when you often get 5-star reviews take a step back and try to deescalate the situation. Often business owners take offence to a negative review and go on the offence which often ends up in an online argument. Don’t do this, it doesn’t look good for your business.

Firstly apologise for the service the person may have experienced and also communicate that you are open to solving the problem. Even if there is nothing that can be done if you put this into a review response online it shows others that you are willing to help if something goes wrong.

Secondly don’t panic, a bad review can actually help your business. Too many positive reviews can actually look fake so a negative review here or there can improve the credibility of your other 5 star reviews.

Cut down on time taken to respond to reviews

Some storage businesses may get reviews without needing to ask for them and replying to all the reviews can take up time from a business. However, you should make the effort to reply to all of your reviews as this engagement can help your search engine rankings and can also improve your sales.

If you do find it hard to keep up with all of the reviews you should create a semi personalised template that you can use to thank someone for leaving a review. I would advise against using any templates for negative reviews though.


Getting reviews for your self storage businesses can be tough but knowing how to set up a third party system to handle reviews and then how to ask for them can help you. If you invest some of your time into asking past clients, vendors and even employees for reviews you will improve your search engine position, your click-through rate and eventually your profits.

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