#1 Ecommerce SEO Services for brands wanting to sell more.

SEO for Ecommerce

Sell more products with our Ecommerce SEO Services, suitable for Woocommerce, Shopify, Drupal, Joomla, and many more online stores.

SEO for Ecommerce
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SEO for Ecommerce

Ecommerce SEO

39% of ecommerce website traffic comes from search engines. Our Ecommerce SEO services can put your products in front of potential buyers

SEO for Ecommerce

Ecommerce SEO Services that work

Our SEO services have helped ecommerce companies grow their organic traffic by 900%, and increase sales from £800pm to £50,000+ pm.

SEO for Ecommerce

Battle-tested Ecommerce SEO strategy

Our ecommerce SEO strategy has been fine-tuned and battle-tested so you can start selling more products, so you can have confidence in your digital marketing strategy to reach your goals.

SEO for Ecommerce

Ecommerce SEO is a Great investment

Ecommerce SEO is a great investment, with thousands of potential keywords out there, the potential is endless. By using ecommerce SEO you can sell more products and cut down on ad spend.

What can Ecommerce SEO services do for your ecommerce business?

What can Ecommerce SEO services do for your ecommerce business?

Our Ecommerce SEO services grew an ecommerce store from 0 to 20,000 visitors a month in 18 months, while taking their sales from £800pm to £50,000+pm.

Our SEO services helped one of our clients grow from 0 organic visitors to over 20,000 in a period of 18 months. This has helped them see record sales and has taken them from £800 in sales a month to £50,000+.

Before SEO:

11 months later

For another ecommerce SEO client, we were able to generate the equivalent of $230,000 of website traffic (equivalent in ad spend) for £15,000. When you hire an ecommerce SEO agency like us we can help you sell more of your products while helping you to rely less on PPC or social media ads.


ecommerce seo services


If you would like to see what our SEO company can do for you fill out the free video audit section on this site and we will give you an SEO strategy to improve your website’s organic visibility on the search engines.

Most Ecommerce website owners we speak to want:

  • More online sales.
  • To increase their companies brand awareness.
  • To put a focus on their most profitable products and sell more of them.
  • More customers to find out they exist.

If any of the above sounds like you get in touch with us.

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        No Limits ecommerce SEO Services

        Have you come across SEO companies that offer SEO packages which are usually labelled Silver, Gold, Platinum etc and come with a set number of restraints each month such as 15 keywords, 10 web 2.o submissions, social book marketing etc.

        We don’t do this at our agency as it limits your campaign and it’s a little weird.

        We create a bespoke ecommerce SEO strategy to help your business grow as quickly as possible. If we only allowed our clients to rank for 15 keywords at a time we would be limiting them and wouldn’t be very good at SEO.

        Some of our ecommerce client’s web pages rank for over 400 keywords on one page, which has rocketed their sales. When you hire an agency to provide ecommerce SEO services make sure they will do everything possible to bring targeted visitors from the search engines that will purchase your products.

        no limits

        Frequently asked ecommerce SEO questions

        Here are some of the questions other ecommerce website owners have asked us.

        What is ecommerce SEO?

        SEO or search engine optimisation is the process of optimising your website so that Google and the other search engines know what your website and the pages within the website are all about.

        When a search engine understands what your website or page is all about it can then show it to a user if they think it’s relevant to the search query. It’s our job to not only position your ecommerce store on the search engines but to also put you in front of the right type of visitors so they become customers.

        For example, if your ecommerce website sells leather shoes then we will help your business show up when someone searches for leather shoes. Sounds simple right? SEO can be simple, but the majority of the time you are going up against companies with larger budgets, cheaper products and years worth of investment in SEO.

        As an SEO agency, we offer different types of SEO to a wide variety of clients, but ecommerce SEO is our favourite as we love to go up against bigger brands with larger budgets and more staff and then beat them.

        Our SEO team has many years of experience and can help you choose the right strategy to produce an SEO campaign we can both be proud of.

        What is better for my store PPC or SEO?

        PPC or pay per click is a great method of bringing in traffic to your store very quickly, but it does have drawbacks such as competitors clicking on your ads and high cost per click which can run your budget down quickly.

        Ecommerce SEO can take a while to kick in, but when you are ranking for keywords you don’t have to pay every time someone clicks on your listing, even if it is a competitor. Being an SEO company we obviously prefer SEO to PPC and there is a good reason for that.

        Our ecommerce SEO services have allowed us to generate $230,000 worth of traffic (equivalent PPC cost) for one of our ecommerce clients for only a small budget of £15,000. This traffic will continue to supply targeted visitors to the customers ecommerce store for many years to come and it won’t cost them any more money.

        Not only can SEO drive high-quality traffic but when done right it can save you thousands in ad spend, which you can then invest in other areas of digital marketing to grow your business. After all, would you prefer to spend $230,000 for PPC ads or £15,000 on a battle-tested SEO strategy?

        With all of the above said, we still think PPC marketing is a great digital marketing avenue that should still be explored. And In an ideal world, you can run both.

        Do you work with x CMS?

        Over the years our ecommerce SEO agency has worked on many ecommerce content management systems such as Woocommerce, Shopify, Drupal and Sitecore.

        Our developers here mainly work on Woocommerce and WordPress websites and can make any development changes as need be. For websites running on Shopify, Drupal or Sitecore you will need your own developers to make any technical fixes that we find.

        At the beginning of our SEO campaign, we will perform an ecommerce SEO audit which will look out for any technical problems which may be holding your online store back in the search results which will limit your organic search traffic.

        We will then either fix these technical issues or send the SEO audit to you and your team to fix.

        How long will it take to rank my store?

        Every website is different so we can’t give an answer to that. What we can say is that when we take a client on we always look for ways in which we can recover the money invested in our services as quickly as possible.

        For some clients, we have been able to double their website traffic in 6 months. For others, we have taken them from 0 visitors to 20,000 in 18 months.

        If you hire us as your SEO company, we can guarantee our SEO service will leave no stone unturned. We will look at keyword research to make sure your target keywords are realistic and cost effective.

        We will look at your conversion rate to see if the traffic you are getting from organic search is converting as it should be. We will look at your product pages, your category pages and come up with a marketing strategy that will provide your ecommerce website with the online visibility it deserves.

        With ecommerce sites we often see that certain parts of a website such as the product pages are neglected, we can help you identify these pages to improve your bottom line.

        To see how our ecommerce SEO service can help your website show higher up in the search engine results fill out the website audit form on this page and one of our SEO team will carefully look through your website showing you where you could improve whether that be through creating better product pages, landing pages, blog posts or link building.

        What techniques do you use to rank my site?

        We are a white hat ecommerce SEO agency, so everything that we do is within Google’s guidelines.

        Every website is different but usually, our process involves checking your website to make sure it’s technically sound, this is known as a technical SEO audit.

        Then we will optimise the pages on your website before moving to our link building services which will take your rankings and sale to another level. Depending on your budget we can also help with the content marketing side of your business producing blog content that can generate both organic visitors and help us with attracting the right types of links to your business.

        If your budget doesn’t allow for content creation on your website we can still help and provide you with content marketing ideas that will grow your website. Some of our SEO clients will have in house content marketing teams and we are more than happy to work alongside your team to improve your search results.

        How much does ecommerce SEO cost?

        Our SEO services are charged at £100 an hour for a minimum of 20 hours a month.

        You can add on more hours after that by the hour. If you are not sure how many hours you will need, fill out our audit form and we can give you more information. While this may seem expensive, our ecommerce SEO agency pays for itself very quickly.

        Our data driven approach can help your company make smart marketing decisions that will improve your business revenue consistently over time.

        Can we negotiate on your SEO fees?

        No, our SEO services are priced so that you get the services needed to increase your search engine rankings and revenue. Our SEO team have many years of experience in ranking some of the most difficult keywords and we know that it often takes a lot of time and effort to consistently drive results.

        With more companies investing in search engine optimisation and more potential customers taking part in online shopping SEO agencies offering their services for a few hundred pounds are going to find it extremely hard if not impossible to outrank other companies with larger budgets and better SEO strategies.

        Can you take a % of our sales as payment?

        Once again no, our SEO services require a lot of work to get your website to where it should be and we have costs that we have to cover on our end. Everything from keyword research, SEO audits, content optimisation and outreach takes a lot of time and effort. Revenue share isn’t something we are interested in at this moment in time.

        Our SEO services aren’t suitable for startup companies that are unfunded and generally, we work with ecommerce stores that are established and simply want to improve their revenue. If you aren’t at this stage yet but still want to SEO your website there are many SEO blogs out there that you can learn from.

        What ecommerce stores do you work with?

        We typically work with ecommerce stores that are established both as a business and a website. However, if you are a startup that is funded we may be able to help if you are looking to improve on your ecommerce sales.

        Our online marketing services have helped home improvement companies, clothing companies, tech companies, jewellery companies, digital services, bridal boutiques, art galleries, women health and much more. If you own an ecommerce business and want to be found by more potential customers we can help.

        If your industry isn’t listed above, don’t let that put you off as our digital marketing strategy often starts off with reverse-engineering what the winners in your industry are doing and then working out how we can beat them to the top spots on the search results page.

        My last SEO agency let me down, how do I know you won't either?

        SEO is a complicated field and sometimes there can be a miss communication between clients and expectations. We make sure from day one that your marketing goals are realistic, and can be reached with the marketing budget you have set.

        This doesn’t mean you need the largest marketing budget in the world but it does mean you have to be realistic in what can be achieved. SEO is a long term strategy and if your competitors have been investing in SEO for years then you will need to catch up.

        SEO does take time, and in some cases can take years to achieve top rankings. Companies such as Ahrefs (an industry-leading SEO tool) have carried out studies where the average top 10 ranking websites page is over 2 years old.

        This doesn’t mean you need to invest in SEO for 2 years to see results, often we get results for clients in a few months, but it’s worth being mindful of.

        So to know how we won’t let your business down as your SEO agency we will make sure your business goals align with your budget and we can work backwards from that. If you are happy with our suggestions we can then work together, if not, no hard feelings we just won’t be the digital marketing agency for you.

        We have also talked to potential customers in the past who had no idea what their previous SEO company was doing for them. For this reason, all of our customers are provided with a project tracker sheet that’s available 24/7.

        The project tracker is available online and it will be accessible to your team so you can see all the work that is being done by our company. We will show you everything from our keyword research, keyword and content gaps, on-page optimisation, content research, link prospects and any live backlinks we have built for you that month.

        Your team can access this project tracker at any time they want to. Working with us is easy, stress-free and we are as transparent as any SEO agency can be.

        Can you help us with our keywords? Fix our site? Write content?

        Our digital SEO agency covers the full spectrum of SEO and can help with keyword research, keyword cannibalisation, redirect chains, duplicate content and any other issues that are holding your site back.

        If you have existing keyword research or don’t know if a keyword is realistic we can also help you with that.

        Many of our clients have a list of keywords they would like to rank for and this is fine too. We will look at your keywords and let you know which of them are realistic for your budget. We can then work on ranking those keywords by producing good content on your site and also getting authoritative backlinks off site to help Google trust your website.

        Can you jump on skype with our marketing team, marketing manager, CEO or Director every day?

        Our project tracker will show you exactly where we are in terms of progress each and every month, we do this so your budget can be spent on creating content, earning backlinks and everything else to bring more customers to your site.

        If you do want to talk every day your marketing budget is going to be used up without us getting much done. If you do want to chat about SEO and the progress of your campaign we can catch up every 2 weeks. However daily catch ups are not something we can provide.

        How do I know I won't have a junior SEO running my campaign?

        At Weeare we only have a small team. All of our campaigns are looked after by our managing director who has over 15 years of experience in SEO and you will only deal with him, so unlike other SEO agencies, you won’t be passed from one consultant to another.

        The rest of our SEO team will be skilled in outreach and content creation. Our MD sets the direction and we all pull together to make your ecommerce search campaign a success.

        See how we can help you sell more through your ecommerce store

        Enter your website address for a video audit that will help you sell more products.

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