Tips for Effective Newsjacking in Digital PR

Newsjacking in digital PR can be a useful tactic for brands aiming to improve their online presence.

By inserting your brand’s voice into trending news stories, you not only increase visibility but also establish credibility and can build some amazing backlinks in the process. Newsjacking has allowed some of our clients to appear on websites such as CNN, USAToday and many more top quality publications.


The key to effective newsjacking is reacting swiftly and thoughtfully to relevant news stories, ensuring your input adds value and is relevant to your product or service.

For successful newsjacking, you have to be aware about breaking news and trends within your industry, this allows you to identify opportunities quickly. For most businesses this can be a challange because lets face it, you can’t spend the day watching the news, you have to work. For this reason, you may want to outsource newsjacking to a Digital PR agency like ours.

Newsjacking is a great tool for boosting your brand awareness but can also significantly improve SEO through high-quality backlinks and increased website traffic. Creating content that can help journalists tell more in depth stories allows you to be seen as an expert and builds your credibility.

By providing quotes, data, and unique insights, you can help shape the narrative, making your brand a vital part of the conversation. When properly executed, newsjacking can lead to heightened media coverage and stronger audience connections.

How to do Newsjacking

There is no best way of doing newsjacking, and many agencies will use different techniques. For you it could be something as simple as reading the news everyday when waking up, or you could choose to use Google Chrome plugins to see when something is trending on Google Trends.

Understanding Newsjacking

Newsjacking involves leveraging breaking news or trending topics to gain media coverage for a brand.

For example, one of our clients works in the IT industry and when there are any data breaches in the news we will ask our client for a comment and then pitch that to the journalists talking about the breach. Simple, and effective.

The goal when newsjacking is to provide unique insights, data, or commentary that adds value to the narrative. This reactive PR strategy capitalises on the audience’s heightened interest in the news cycle.

The Importance of Timeliness and Relevance

Speed is critical in newsjacking.

Brands must respond quickly to stay relevant. Setting up news alerts, such as Google Alerts and any other social media listening tools can help identify opportunities in real time.

Timeliness ensures the brand is part of the initial wave of coverage, which is crucial if you want to earn media coverage.

Equally important is relevance, the brand’s input must directly relate to the breaking story, offering fresh insights or expert opinion, thereby making it more likely that your comment ends up getting used.

Strategies for Identifying Opportunities

To identify newsjacking opportunities, you will need to follow breaking news and trending topics.

Use tools like Google Alerts or news aggregation services, for key terms in your industry to see when something begins to trend.

You can also follow key journalists and industry leaders on social media and track trending hashtags.

Another approach is to analyse recent news patterns to anticipate future trends.

Planning is also essential. Have a strategy in place when you need to react swiftly will help you when a relevant story breaks.

How to write a timely response

First, ensure the content you provide adds unique value to the ongoing story, this can be done through data, expert analysis, or a fresh perspective.

The response must be concise yet informative, tailored to what journalists need. Don’t use fluff.

Second, speed is essential; ensure quick turnaround times by having pre-approved comments or templates. This is useful if you know in advance that certain topics are going to trend.

Increasing your brands exposure through Digital PR

Digital PR is a great way of increase your brands exposure online and two techniques of Digital PR are reactive and planned campaigns. While you can run them yourself, securing media coverage can be difficult and If you would like to build quality links through newsjacking or planned digital PR campaigns, our digital PR agency maybe able to help.

Evaluating the Impact of Newsjacking Campaigns

Assessing the success of newsjacking campaigns is crucial for continual improvement. Key metrics such as media coverage, website traffic, and social media engagement should be monitored to see if its worth running reactive campaigns at all.

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