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Digital PR was born out of the need for a way to build high-quality backlinks to a website without the need for paying for links. While a relatively new field, digital PR or Online PR as it is sometimes called has grown in popularity over recent years.

While every business is fighting for more exposure, digital PR is a way of getting your business out there in front of your potential customers while giving you a way to increase your search engine rankings to grow your business further.

There are many benefits of digital PR and whether you want to hire a digital PR agency or a Digital PR freelancer getting your business in front of potential clients or customers will help you grow as a business.  But what exactly are freelance digital PR services?

Freelance digital PR services

digital pr services

Freelance digital marketing specialists are often experts in their field that can provide you with marketing services without all of the cons of working with a big agency.

When hiring a freelance digital PR consultant you will need to make sure the services they offer are what your business needs.

These are the following digital PR Services that we provide:

Ideation and Planning

We help our clients come up with digital PR campaigns that will put them in front of their target audience.  We will work with you to create a marketing strategy that will increase brand awareness, search engine rankings, organic website traffic and sales.


With your digital PR strategy in place, we will begin to research your customers, your competitors and what has been done in your space.  From here we can use our experience to get the most out of your marketing campaigns.

Content Creation

Whether you want to work with a digital marketing agency or digital marketing freelancer the content that they build will determine how successful your campaign is. By researching your market we are able to create successful campaigns that get you coverage in top-tier press.


We will then outreach to journalists who write about topics relevant to your business.  Doing so allows us to put your business in front of millions of readers, this is why digital PR is an important content marketing channel for your business.

Why is Digital PR important for your business?

digital pr campaigns in national media

Digital PR is important for your business because it puts your business in front of millions of potential customers.  Another additional benefit of digital PR is that by earning high-quality backlinks to your website you are going to become a trusted source of information in the eyes of the search engines.

When all of your competitors are buying the same backlinks, using Digital PR to land links from places like Forbes, The Sun, Metro, Huffington Post, Daily Mail, MSN, Wales Online, Lad Bible, Marie Claire, Real Homes, Ideal Home and many others is going to make your business stand out.  Earning authoritative links from major publications will increase your website’s authoritativeness and trust or (E-A-T) which is a known ranking factor for Google.

Growing your business through increased rankings is great, but creating relevant digital PR campaigns will generate relevant referral traffic too. This means you can expect more potential leads and sales through referral traffic when using an online PR digital marketing service.  If all of the above sounds great then you may want to hire a freelance digital pr expert.

Hiring a PR Freelancer

If you would like to see what online PR can do for your business and see if your business is “pr-able” then get in touch with us today. 

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