Digital PR Benefits

Digital public relations has many advantages that your business can use to grow.  Today we will be looking at the many benefits of running a digital pr campaign (or multiple) to see if digital PR is right for your business.

Public relations advantages

benefits of using a digital pr service

Online PR just like traditional public relations is all about building relationships with your target audience.  With the right PR strategy, you can boost your content marketing efforts and grow your business.  A digital PR campaign starts with a strategy and then moves on to creating content that journalists want to write about, then creating a press release and outreaching your findings.  While you can do this yourself, you will get better results by hiring a digital pr team that has many years of experience.

Digital PR is a powerful marketing tool, and some of the advantages of hiring PR Professionals can be seen below.

  • Raising Brand Awareness.
  • Increasing SEO Rankings.
  • Increasing your website’s domain authority.
  • Increasing sales.
  • Building credibility.
  • Managing a crisis.

Brand Awareness

If no one knows you exist then how can they buy from you?  

Digital PR is a powerful marketing tool that allows you to increase your brand awareness by getting in front of your target audience with creative digital PR campaigns. 

If you have already run a few digital PR campaigns, a good way of checking the success of those campaigns is to look in your Google Analytics to see if branded searches have increased.  If they have, more people are searching through your brand which can be attributed to Digital PR.

With Digital PR you can also reach a larger global audience, unlike traditional PR where you are often limited by geography.  In our experience, we have targeted news sites in the UK with our marketing strategy and as an added bonus the client has earned links from other locations around the world too.

Unlike traditional link building where you may get a brand mention on a smaller site with little to no website traffic, using digital pr services can boost your brand’s visibility online.  A good digital pr strategy will aim to put your brand on websites with millions of readers. Being on authoritative websites not only builds trust but also improves your SEO Rankings.

SEO Rankings

increased seo rankings

Digital PR was born out of earning backlinks to help with search engine optimisation.  While Digital PR benefits go past just earning links, the links earned from a digital PR campaign can sometimes be in the 100’s and they are from authoritative websites too.

Getting quality links from trusted websites will help increase your SEO ranking and is a direct benefit of running a digital PR campaign.  With a targeted campaign you can also use the host’s website to rank for keywords that customers may use to find your products or services.

Domain Authority

While domain authority is a third-party metric and has no relevance to search engines such as Google, it’s still something that marketing professionals obsess about.  If you want to increase your website’s domain authority then getting high-quality links will help with that.   While third-party metrics don’t matter too much when it comes to ranking your website on the search engine, building trust with the search engines goes a long way to helping your website rank.

Getting links from other websites that are trusted is going to benefit your website overall and lead to more sales and leads.

Sales and leads

increased sales and leads from digital pr

Improving your online presence through digital PR is going to help your business increase the number of sales and leads that it receives.  A digital PR campaign can put your business in front of millions of potential customers and letting them know you exist and that you are an expert in your field is going to help you achieve more sales and leads.

Because of the advantages such as increased brand awareness and improved rankings, you can expect to see an increase in sales and leads if you land in the right online publications.  Landing in the right publications will also lead to improved credibility.


Thought leadership campaigns can position you as the expert within your industry, and other PR activity can give you more credibility with your customers as well as potential investors.  If a potential client were to search for you and an article featuring you were to come up on MSN or Forbes, there is a good chance that that person would see you as more reliable than someone they can’t find information on.

Some companies also use the “also seen on” banners to build trust with customers. 

Managing a crisis

crisis management in pr

With the use of social media, more brands are getting cancelled or finding themselves in hot water when they have done the wrong thing.  Crisis management in digital PR refers to the process of handling and communicating through difficult situations which could hurt a company’s reputation.

You can protect your brand reputation by influencing how your business is perceived across the different digital channels by hiring a digital pr agency that specialises in crisis management. Whether this be to handle the current situation or if you need more of a long-term solution to knock negative press out of the search engine result page.

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