Digital PR Agency

If you have tried online PR in the past or you have seen that your competitors are getting mentioned on high authoritative sites, you are probably in the process of looking to hire a Digital PR Agency.

A digital PR agency can help grow your brand awareness, improve your content marketing, increase search engine rankings, drive traffic to your products and services and help increase your sales. A digital PR service does all of the above and while being trackable unlike a traditional PR campaign.

What is Digital PR?

what is digital pr?

Digital PR is a marketing strategy that brands use to build awareness and authority.  It revolves around collecting data or telling a story, putting that data into a press release and then sending the release to the media.  If successful, you will have built brand mentions and high-quality links in the country’s most respected media outlets and websites.

Digital PR isn’t easy though and it requires digital PR experts with many years of experience to come up with a PR strategy that not only gains coverage but also puts your brand in front of your target audience.  This is done with creative campaigns and PR Services.

Digital PR Services 

Different marketing agencies will have specialist skills and choosing the right one will help you to reach your goals.  There are different PR services that you can use to grow your business and depending on your goals will depend on the services that you need.

Typically a digital PR service will include ideation and planning, research, outreach and following up with journalists.  A campaign can be run using different pr strategies including reactive PR, Data-Driven, and Thought Leadership.

Reactive PR 


Some PR agencies specialise in reactive PR or newsjacking where they wait for a story to break and then insert your business into that story, often through a comment.


data driven pr campaigns

Some agencies will create hero campaigns that take months of research to complete.  When they have unique data they will then share that with the press office in hopes of earning links and coverage.

Thought Leadership

thought leadership pr strategy

A digital pr campaign around thought leadership can position you as an expert in your industry.  This builds trust with your audience and earns you coverage and links where potential customers can click on your website.  Thought leadership is often achieved by sharing quotes with journalists on a subject or breaking news.

Depending on your digital PR strategy you may use one or a combination of the above PR tactics when hiring a digital pr company.

Hiring a digital PR Company

There are many online PR companies out there and whether you want to be inserted into the latest news story, build links, increase your website traffic, improve your online presence or cut down on your Google ads spend, hiring digital pr specialists can help.

Hiring an agency or freelancer to help you achieve media coverage can be a bit daunting, our advice is to speak to the agency first.  Digital PR like any other marketing campaign isn’t a one-time service and can take months or even years to see a big impact, so make sure there’s a fit first. If the company is local you may want to drop into their offices.

We have offices in London, Manchester, Bristol and Cardiff.

Unlike traditional link building, Digital PR agencies have less control over the content that is put up, they can’t control if the press adds a link, and they can’t control if that link is do-follow or no-follow.  This can mean that you could run a campaign and get no coverage or links at all.

However, if you hire a digital PR agency like ours, we guarantee all of our clients at least 5 links a month or we will give a full refund.  We do have existing media relations, but this doesn’t mean that we can guarantee links from a specific website.  We do however create campaigns that journalists want to link to.  If you would like to see if we could help your business, get in touch with us today.

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