Digital PR for a Raffle Website

In a market where most of the backlinks earned are bought, working with a Raffle website was quite a challenge.

The client had been paying for sponsored posts in the National and Regional Media, but hadn’t earned any organic pieces of media coverage.

The Objective

The client had a competition that was ending within a few weeks and wanted to get as much media exposure for the competition as possible. The client didn’t want media coverage too far away from competition end and said that ideally they would like to get media exposure 1-2 weeks from the end of the competition. For us this is challenging as we earn links and media coverage its impossible for us to know when our stories will go live. But we decided to take on the challenge to see if we could help.

The client wasn’t at risk either as if we couldn’t deliver our link building and media guarantee would have allowed them to have a full refund.

The Solution

The client was in the home raffle space, so we knew that content around interior design would work for them. We also kept our eye out for any reactive PR that we could do. Luckily or unluckily for some this was around the time the bed bugs from Paris was breaking in the news and we jumped on that trend with our home experts to offer tips and tricks that homeowners would want to know.

The Results

We managed to get the client 30 pieces of coverage in National and Regional media. This resulted in an estimated lifetime views of 3.22m views and 1380 social media engagements. The average domain authority of the links from the content were DA78.

We got the client featured in:

The Sun, Ideal Home, MSN, Daily Mail, The Mirror, Yahoo, Express and more.

We jumped on the bed bug story to get our client noticed.

The client raffled luxury homes, so we worked with an expert to share content based around interior design.

By using experts, we were able to get into leading publications like Ideal Home too.

All of these links and media pieces were earned, no links were purchased and this helped the client get in front of potential customers who may not have heard of them before.

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