Ecommerce Case Study

A bathroom company local to us got in touch and wanted an SEO audit to see if they could improve their search engine rankings and website traffic.

We were double the price of their existing SEO agency so at first, they were a little hesitant to switch providers.

The bathroom industry is dominated by the big household names so taking them on with what would consider a limited budget was going to be difficult. We outranked some of these major players in the industry for our client’s main keywords and we were able to rank them for over 853 keywords on the first page of Google.

853 first page rankings

We also managed to provide this client with an estimated $207,600 value of yearly traffic, or $17,800 of monthly traffic.

ecommerce seo services

(Traffic is actually 3x under-reported by ahrefs, so the actual value of the traffic should be around $622,800 in yearly value.)


The client already had 200 first page rankings but had no idea what their current SEO agency was doing for them and if their money was well spent. We audited the website and found some areas of weakness and we also worked with the owner of the website to help them sell more of their most profitable items.

SEO Audit

During the SEO audit, we were able to discover a few areas of weakness where we thought some small changes could make a huge difference in the client’s search engine rankings. We looked at improving the client’s topical relevancy, internal linking and we knew we would need backlinks from relevant websites if we were to beat the industry leaders in rankings.

The SEO Campaign

When we knew the areas we needed to fix we began working on them. We optimised the on-page for the client’s key products and category pages. We linked to them from relevant blogs on the website and then we built high relevant backlinks from authoritative websites in the industry.

By doing the above we were able to rank our clients products and category pages for hundreds of keyword variations. One product which ranks for hundreds of variations costs anywhere between £300 and £900 per purchase.

The clients details and keywords are hidden to protect the client.

As you can see from the image above one of the clients main products ranks for hundreds of variations on the first page of Google.

How we improved rankings and traffic.

To beat the biggest competitors in the industry we were going to need high quality links pointing at both the content and the bottom of the funnel pages on the website. One of our clients most expensive products is something they wanted to sell more of and we focused our energy on getting this product onto the first page within the top 3 spots.

The product sold for anywhere between £1500 and £2500 and looking at the competitors website we estimated that it would take around 30 high quality backlinks to get onto the first page.

We built 19 high quality links and managed to get the client to position 4 on the search for their main keyword, and then hundreds of variations of the keyword in higher positions too.

The client didn’t rank at all for this keyword in the past so all of the work carried out shot the client from the 10th plus page on Google to the first. You can see how high volume the searches are above, you can also see the hundreds of longer tail keywords this page also ranks for below.

By building good content on site, and building quality backlinks off site we were able to bring more targeted traffic to this clients website.


The client’s website still has many more keywords we can go after and build links to. Over the next few months we will aim to push the main keywords to the first results while building on more long tail search too. We are a digital PR agency that earns our clients amazing links and in return boosts traffic, visibilty, and sales. If you would like to see what we can do for you, get in touch.

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