Ecommerce clothing store 0 – 567 first page rankings. £800 to £50,000 per month.

One of our clients came to us with a pre-existing website that was doing less than £1000 in sales. All of this was through social media. The client felt the current website wasn’t user friendly and that they needed to stop being over-reliant on social media and use another marketing channel to bring in more sales.

We helped the client with their organic visibility and they now rank for over 567 keywords on the first page. Many of them are in position 1.

search engine optimisation marketing in london

The client has gone from a 1 person run store to opening multiple stores and selling internationally all across Europe. The website has gone from 0 organic visitors to over 20,000 in an 18 month time period.


The client came to us with no knowledge of SEO and only had experience with social media marketing. By using social media marketing the client was able to take their sales up to the £1000 mark each month. They were then looking to expand this business by using some other form of marketing.

After performing an initial site audit it was clear that their existing site wasn’t search engine optimised at all and it had no relevant links or good content. It was clear to us why the website wasn’t ranking.

The SEO plan

We revealed our findings to the client and then began our keyword research which would show the client how much traffic they were missing out on. We decided we would target 5 main areas for the main products the client sold and the results we had were fantastic.

Below is a screenshot of the clients earnings before we started our search engine marketing campaign.

before seo

As you can see the client had managed to make £830 in sales for the month of November. This was all from social media and at this time was getting no traffic from organic search.

after our marketing services

Within 11 months we were able to get this client close to £14,000 in sales. We could have got these results much quicker but you have to take into consideration that this client didn’t really have a budget for marketing at the time as their sales weren’t high enough to invest in a full SEO campaign. With that said these results changed the clients business.

This year the client can hit anywhere between £20,000 to £50,000 per month in sales.

We were able to achieve these results by optimising the on page SEO of the website and then building high-quality backlinks with our link building services.

International SEO rankings

By building the right type of links, optimising the internal linking on the website and optimising both category and product pages we were able to help this client rank for hundreds of variations of their main keywords not just in the UK but all around the world too.

The client now has orders from all over Europe, the USA and Australia.

The client has outranked much larger companies with a much smaller budget by creating topical relevance, and getting links from the right type of websites.

Above you can see the high volume keywords that the client ranks for and below you can see hundreds of variations of long tail keywords.


When we took on this client we knew that it would be difficult to compete as the client was going up against established brands and celebrities that would have a much higher marketing budget than our client. However, we were confident that we could get the client good results if they could be patient. SEO is a long term strategy and in this case it paid off.

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