0 – 36k Visitors in 6 months using a high-velocity content production strategy.

One of our existing clients asked us to work on a side project of theirs, an affiliate website of theirs. With a high-velocity content marketing strategy and link building campaign, we were able to get them to 36k visitors a month within 6 months.

The client also ranks for close to 5000 keywords on the first page of Google.

About the project

The client had set up a website during lockdown and hadn’t done much with it but as they had some free time they wanted to work on it. However as things picked up with their other websites this project was put on hold until this year.

The client was part of an affiliate campaign where each sign up would pay out a percentage of the sale, however, getting people onto the website to sign up to this affiliate offer was going to be difficult as all the main keywords were dominated by much bigger brands.

Keyword research

When your marketing budget isn’t as big as your competitors you have to get smart with your keyword research so instead of ranking for head keywords such as “Rolex Watches” we chose to build informational content which would put the site in front of the same reader but just at a different stage in the buying process.

In the example above instead of focusing on “Rolex Watches” which the client wouldn’t be able to rank for we would target keywords such as “Which Rolex Watches hold their value best” or “Rolex Submariner compared to a Rolex Sea Dweller”.

By doing so we were able to rank the site for thousands of keywords in a short period of time. Any pages that didn’t rank well we would earn links for that page and as the content is informational it’s much easier to earn links to the page.

4809 first page rankings.

With high-velocity content production, it made the job of internally linking and building topic clusters a breeze.


SEO is usually talked about as a long term marketing solution but if the conditions are right such as having a team in place to come up with multiple high-quality articles per day then you can gain results very quickly.

Of course not everyone has a team of writers or link builders so outsourcing to an agency like us can help. Now not every business is going to have the budget to be able to recreate the results like this but if you do it’s always good to know what’s possible with good keyword research, content marketing and link building.

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