Dental Website Design – 8 Features your dental practice website design must include.

dental website design

If you want more clients from online your dental website design must be excellent.

In this blog post I will give you dental website design tips and tricks so that you can generate more business for your dental practice.  And if you’re in the market for a redesign you should read this blog post before handing over any money.

1. Get more patients with a dental website that works on all devices

dental website design

For your dental practice to be found online you are going to need your website to work on all devices such as:

  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • Tablets (iPads)
  • Smart Phones (iPhones)

A website that works on all of the above devices is going to increase your sites user-friendliness.

Why is your site being user friendly important I hear you ask?

Having a user friendly website has many advantages. Firstly, A website that doesn’t make your visitors want to pull their own teeth out is going to convert at a better rate than one that does.

A conversion in this example could be a phone call to your dental practice to schedule an appointment.

If your dental website isn’t user friendly then your visitors are going to leave, and even worse they are going to go to one of your competitors.

According to MicKinsey & Company “Google says 61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing and 40% visit a competitor’s site instead.”

Can you really afford to lose up to 61% of your customers, or can you afford to lose 40% of your customers to your competitors?

Secondly, your dental website design should be mobile responsive because the search engines punish websites that aren’t.  Mobile responsiveness is a huge part of search engine optimisation, so make sure your site is mobile friendly.

They punish non-mobile friendly websites by showing them lower in the search results.

Search engines can play a massive part in growing your practice.

A mobile-friendly website design for your dental practice will help with your search engine positioning.

At Weeare we have seen our clients jump up in the search results just by making their websites mobile-friendly, if you think your website could benefit from becoming mobile-friendly talk to our seo consultants today.

One of our clients a small restaurant owner had a website that wasn’t mobile-friendly. Because of this, online bookings were poor and they could only be found on either the 4th or 5th page of Google.

Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t browse the 4th or 5th page of Google.

When we redesigned their website to be mobile friendly they immediately jumped up to the 2nd page. Without doing anything else we improved their search engine rankings by writing good quality code and giving the users a great experience through a mobile-friendly website.

If you want your dental practice website design to bring in more patients then your website must be mobile responsive.

2. Your dental website design must build trust

dental website design uk

Other industries maybe able to get away with dated websites.

You cannot.

Medical websites in general have to look clean and professional. You are selling a service that has a high monetary value and because it’s of a personal nature your visitors will want to trust you before letting you work on their teeth.

There are a few different ways you can make your website visitors trust you.

Firstly, your website design in my opinion should be custom made. It should reflect your business and your core values.

A dental practice that uses pre-bought website themes on the other hand doesn’t inspire trust.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes.

Imagine looking for a dentist and you bring up 5 different dental practices. 2 of these dentist practices however are using the same website theme. This would cause you to stop and become confused.

Are these two websites the same business? Why have they got different names but look the same? Can they be trusted?

At that point, you would likely close that website’s window down and go to a different dental practice.

You don’t want that.

You want your dental website design to calm your potential customer and tell them they are in the right place.

Another way your dental practice website design can inspire trust is by showing potential customers what past customers have said about your business and services.

A great way to show your dental practice is trustworthy is by having a page dedicated to testimonials. This is known as social proof.

Social proof is a force that influences the way in which people make decisions.

Marketers use social proof to influence users into making a decision based on the actions of others because they think it is the right thing to do. Think of it as “if others are doing it, it must be right”

And according to the search engine journal “Nearly 63% of consumers indicate they are more likely to purchase from a site if it has product ratings and reviews.”

By adding testimonials to your website you are providing the social proof that many people need before deciding to buy a product or a service.

You can also link to any reviews you may have received on a third-party website like Yelp, Yellow pages, or Google Reviews.

3. What do you want out of your new dental website design?

dental website design price

What are your goals?

It’s all well and good having a new website for your dental practice, but if it doesn’t have a goal then you have just wasted your money.

Decide on what your goals should be early on.

Most dental practice owners will say that their goal is to get more clients. Which is great. Having a clear goal will help your dental marketing.

If you want your website to do something different, make sure that you tell your dental website designer first.

By having a clear goal your website designer can then make you a website to hit those goals.

For example, let’s say you want to attract visitors online to sign up for a free consultation which will eventually turn them into a registered client.

You would want everything on your website to point towards getting the visitors on that website to the free consultation page so they can book a consultation with you.

Having a clear goal will improve your website conversions. If you don’t know what your goal is then how do you expect your customers to know either?

4. Your Dental website design must be fast to improve conversions

web design for dentists

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the dental industry or the entertainment industry. A slow website will hurt your website conversions more than anything else.

Visitors will leave your website and go to your competitors if your website is slow.

There are a few different ways in which you can improve your dental websites speed, including:

  • Good website coding techniques
  • Image optimisation
  • Code Optimisation
  • Browser caching
  • Good website hosting

At Weeare we offer all of the above with our website design and development packages.  If your goal is to get more clients this year you may also want to check out our search engine optimisation agency cardiff post

5. Dental website design and marketing

There are many different ways you can market your dental practice online.

For this article, I will only look at what you can do on your dental website to bring in more customers.

A great way of bringing more clients to your dental practice is by adding a blog to your website.

Now you may think that blogging is for hobbyists or that you don’t have enough time to blog. So let me tell you a little about blogging and how it can help your dental practice not only get more customers but help you to become one of the leading practices in your city.

Blogging will not only bring you traffic but it will also help establish you as an industry leader. Being the go-to expert in your city will no doubt increase your revenue.

With so many marketing channels being in your face, blogging allows you to do the opposite. Blogging allows your dental practice to help others who are looking for services you provide.

Instead of posting leaflets around your city, or paying for expensive adverts in the paper that often doesn’t convert. Imagine being the go-to source when someone is looking for something to do with dental services.

By writing good quality blog posts you will not only help others, but you will also receive more links from other websites that will effectively be promoting your business for you.

Your blog posts should be of high quality and should pique the interest of your target audience. Topics off the top of my head could include the following:

  • Which type of braces should I have?
  • Are Invisalign braces suitable for a teenager?
  • Am I a candidate for porcelain veneers
  • 10 signs you need a new set of retainers
  • How do you keep your retainers clean
  • Do I have to wear a retainer after Invisalign?

One blog post a week could position yourself as an industry leader and could skyrocket your sales. Don’t believe me? That’s exactly what River Pools and Spas did.

River Pools and Spas started blogging in 2008 when the recession hit. The owner of River Pools, Marcus Sheridan noticed that every time he wrote a new blog more traffic was coming to his website.

Fast forward a few years and Marcus has grown River Pools and Spas into a company that produces over $5 million in revenue a year. Not too bad just from writing a few blogs.

If you want to increase your website traffic, then I highly recommend thinking of as many questions as you can about your business and answering them in depth. This will bring in more links to your website which will increase your search engine rankings. And it will generate more sales.

If you want to cut down on marketing costs, your dental website must include a blog!

6. Your dental website design must be easy to navigate

dental web design

Dental websites often have many pages to highlight the number of services that you offer.


Having a website with many pages can cause it to look cluttered. It is very important that your website doesn’t look cluttered because it will overwhelm your potential clients.

Your dental website’s navigation should be clear and logical so your users can find the information they need within seconds.

Imagine being in pain with toothache, landing on your website, and not being able to find the information you need because your navigation contains hundreds of links.


7. Setting appointments should be easy.

website development for dentists

One of the main goals of most dental website designs is to get more clients through the doors.

To achieve that goal you are going to need a website that allows your users to book in appointments with ease.

Your dental website design must have an online booking form that is simple to use and doesn’t require too much information.

I don’t know how many times I see a dental website that requires 10 different fields to be filled out before being able to talk to someone.

Your dental website design contact form should require the bare minimum. The fewer fields you use the higher the number of conversions you will receive.

Get the bare minimum first. When that person then comes into the consultation you can then get more information. By asking for too much right away you are scaring away your potential client before they have set a foot through your door.

8. Your dental website design must be compliant with the General Dental Council (GDC)

The GDC has many principles concerning ethical advertising and your dental practice website.

To make sure that your new website complies with the GDC you will want to make sure you take the following into consideration.

Firstly, you must make sure that all the dental professionals that are to be displayed on your website will show the professional qualification that they have along with the country they earned this qualification in.

Your dental staff will also have to display their General dental council registration number on the website. You should also be sure not to include any honorary qualifications or letters after your staff’s names.

Your website design will also have to include the following:

  • The name and geographic address at which the dental practice is located.
  • Whether the dental practice is NHS only, Private only or mixed.
  • The general dental council address and a link to their website
  • Details of your practices complaints procedure.
  • The last time the website was updated.

Your dental practice website design may also not mislead patients with statements that can’t be backed up with facts.


The above 8 features alone will help your website get off to a great start.

If you are looking for a new website for your dental practice then I recommended that you follow the above tips.

Dental marketing can be highly competitive but if you stick to the above tips you will already be a step ahead of the competition.

If you are looking for a website design for your dental practice then please do get in touch with us, we would love to find out more about your project.

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