Digital PR Courses

Digital PR is one of the best ways to earn high authoritative links that boost your search rankings, traffic and sales. While larger companies can turn to Digital PR agencies like ourselves, smaller businesses may not have the budgets to do so.

Today we will be looking at some of the best Digital PR courses on the Internet that will teach you how to run Digital PR Campaigns yourself.

It’s important to note, that these are actual recommendations from our experiences and all of the training courses mentioned are courses we have taken ourselves. We also don’t receive any commission from these recommendations.

1) The Digital PR Course

The digital PR course is one of our favourite courses that we have done. It’s created by Mark Rofe, a former employee of Rise at 7 and teaches you everything you need to know about ideation, content creation and pitching journalists.

Mark is a top guy too, and if you haven’t followed his Twitter you should do. You can see the full course on his site.

The course is accessible and easy to understand and I found Mark very responsive if you have any questions. We can highly recommend Mark’s course to anyone looking for Digital PR training.

2) Sophie Rhone – Digital PR Lab

Sophie is another top digital PR that we can recommend that provides excellent digital PR training. We did some reactive PR training with Sophie a few years back and she helped us improve our Digital PR reactive processes.

Highly recommend Sophie too and she has a wealth of experience that she can share with you to help you learn various areas of Digital PR. You can learn more about Sophies digital PR training courses here.

3) Mastering Digital PR – Brian Dean

If you don’t have the budget to pay for Digital PR training, Brian Dean of SEM rush course on digital PR is a good start. You will learn ideation, content creation and more in this free course.

You can learn more about Brian Dean’s Digital PR training here.

4) Brighton SEO

I have mixed feelings when it comes to Brighton SEO, I find some of the talks very basic for seasoned SEOs and Digital PR Consultants, however, if you are new to the space you may find some value here.

Some of the top digital PR consultants and executives talk at Brighton SEO so there is always a chance that you can unearth some gold here.

Brighton SEO also run training courses when it comes to digital PR, while they can be expensive sometimes they can be worth it. Courses change every year so there is not one course I can recommend but, I would advise you to keep an eye on the private courses.

If you are considering a course at Brighton SEO, check out the people responsible for the training, the links they earn and any digital PR case studies they may have, this way you should be able to work out if the course will be worth it or not.

Other Courses

There are other digital PR training courses on the internet, but as we haven’t tried them we can’t recommend any others. I hope this post helps you to start earning better backlinks.

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