FAQ – What is responsive web design?

Here at Weeare we throw the word responsive web design around quite a lot, but sometimes we forget that not everyone is a web developer, for that we apologise.

To make your job easier in understanding everything that is the web we have decided to put some articles together to explain some of our most frequently asked questions, and one of those questions is: “what is responsive web design”. In this article we will look at exactly that.

So, What is responsive web design?

Responsive web design is an approach to web design where the developer (us) creates a web page or site that responds to the device that it is being used on. This could be anything from a desktop PC screen, a laptop, an iPad, or a smartphone.

Responsive web design has been around for many years now but I still to this day see websites that are not responsive.

So, What does responsive web design look like?

Well, you are looking at it, look at this website on a computer and look at it on your smartphone and you will see a different layout. Many years ago this would mean that you would need a mobile site and a desktop site which was more expensive and a real pain to update because all changes needed to be made twice. Responsive design has changed the need for two separate websites, you only need one site which saves you time and money.

So, Why does my website need to be responsive?

Apart from having to pay for two different sites or updating them both, responsive web design is also better for your users as a responsive design will respond and look great on whatever device that visitor is using, this will then allow them to find the content they were looking for without having to zoom in or out or scroll sideways, which is something that everyone hates.

Having a responsive website will also allow your website to show up higher in the search engines. Google actively punishes websites that are not responsive because they know that users hate them that much. If you have a website that is not responsive then you are frustrating your users and being punished by the search engines.  A responsive website is a big plus when it comes to search engine optimisation.  If your website doesn’t get enough visitors you may want to check out our SEO agency cardiff post

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