15 ways to improve your ecommerce websites conversion rate

At Weeare we don’t just make great looking websites.

Along with our affordable website design and development services, we offer search engine optimisation consultancy services with all of our websites to get potential leads/customers on to your site which will then provide you with a great ROI.  If you already have a website but want more traffic check out our SEO Agency Cardiff page.

Getting traffic to your website is brilliant and most web design agencies don’t even help with this, but we go one step further. We optimise your new website for conversions.

Here are some 15 tips that you can use on your website to improve it’s conversion rate.

1) Fewer fields to fill in

Asking for as little information as possible may seem counterproductive but when it comes to a user entering their information, less is more. Fewer fields in a signup form or inquiry form will improve conversions.

2) Lower the risk

No one likes taking risks when it comes to spending money. If you offer a product or service you will need to take away the risk. This can be done through no questions asked refunds, free return postage or even a trial of the product.

3) Test your call to actions

The words used on your call to action can make a massive difference when it comes to conversions. “Click here” could be turned into “Get more information”, “read more” could be turned into “Learn more about product x” etc. By testing, you are able to monitor and improve the conversion rate on your website without having to build more website traffic.

4) Build trust

When selling your service or product online you are an unknown quantity. People don’t trust the unknown, so you will need to put them at ease before they buy from you.

One way of building trust is by displaying reviews/testimonials on your website. You can use these on a testimonials page, a product page, landing pages, and much more. Reviews from places such as Google my business can be a huge trust builder with 88% of website visitors trusting online reviews like they were personal recomendations.

Get the website visitor to trust you and your conversions will improve.

5) Sell benefits not features

Your potential customers will need to know the product features, but that alone won’t sell them. Tell your potential customers about what problems your product or service will help them solve and once again you will improve your conversions.

6) Test, Test, Test

Test everything.

But more importantly, test your headline and sub-headlines.

A past company that I used to work for doing web development work used to change their headlines fortnightly and then monitor the impact that the headline had on sales.

A great way to test headlines is to write a few out and then go for what you think works best. Test it for a week or two then change it. Monitor the results and keep testing which headline works best.

You will be surprised at how much a headline can affect conversions.

7) Create landing pages

If you’re using PPC, social media or SEO to market separate services that you offer then you should be using landing pages.

Time and time again we see people making the massive mistake of spending thousands on the mentioned marketing methods above and then just directing that traffic to the home page. You are wasting thousands if you are doing this.

For every offer you have, make a separate landing page and send the traffic to that page.

This way you will convert at a much higher rate than before.

8) Show your subscribers off

Remember when we talked about testimonials a few sections ago?

Well showing the total number of subscribers that your company has the same effect. A company with a few hundred/ thousand subscribers looks like a much more trusted company than one that doesn’t have any subscribers.

This is known as social proof and it can impact your conversion rate.

9) Tell them what to do next

Your website visitors are not mind readers and need to be told what you want them to do next.

A great example of this can be seen on social media. If you put up a general status about your company and leave it at that there probably isn’t going to be much interaction with that post, unless you’re a giant company like Apple or Samsung.

If however, you put up a post asking your visitors to comment below on their favorite ice cream then chances are people will get involved and the status will have far more interaction.

The same technique can be used on your website. You could use calls to action like:

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10) Use scarcity

If you sell a physical product or if you have a service that is running an offer tell your users about it and force them into action.

Show your stock levels “Only 2 items remaining” or “Only 2 days left to claim your £50 discount” will create urgency with your buyers.

11) Make sure your page is related to what they are looking for

This touches on the landing pages above. If a visitor expects to find one thing when they come from the search engine but finds another then they are clicking that back button very quickly.

Make sure your landing page is relevant to what the user is searching for.

12) Live help

Live help chat functionality is a great way to improve your conversions.

Your website visitor maybe 95% of the way to purchasing your product but could have a few questions. Live help will allow them to ask for any objections they may have before purchasing.

13) Use images of people

Studies have shown that the use of images with people in them on landing pages increases the rate of conversions.

Stock images can work but you would be better off using professionally taken photos of the people working within your business. Once again this builds more trust and credibility.

14) Price match guarantee

A price match guarantee can work for your business as it shows you are concerned with keeping your prices competitive. It may not work with your business model however but if you can offer it to your potential customers it will have a positive impact on conversions.

15) Contact information in plain sight

It should be common sense but websites can sometimes be so badly designed that the contact information for the business is nowhere to be seen.

Display your contact information in as many places as possible in an accessible location and you will improve your conversion rates.


Conversion optimisation is a huuuuuuuge field, but the above tips are more than enough for you to get started.

The most important advice that we can give you is to test everything. What works for you may not work for someone else in a different industry.

If your current website doesn’t convert like you would want it too or you don’t get enough traffic to your website, talk to us.

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