Digital PR Agency Cardiff

If you are looking for a digital PR agency in Cardiff that can get your business in the national and regional media while improving your brand awareness and organic website traffic, keep on reading.

digital pr agency cardiff

We help our clients get into their dream publications through creative proactive and reactive PR campaigns. Whether you want to be mentioned in Wales Online, MSN, Yahoo, The Sun, Daily Mail or Lad Bible we may be able to help your business earn top-tier press coverage.

Unlike traditional PR agencies, we guarantee media coverage for your business or you can get a full refund. If you would like to learn more about our offer and see if we can help your business grow, book a call with us today.

If you are not familiar with digital PR or the benefits of digital PR keep on reading.

What is Digital PR?

Digital PR is a marketing strategy that brands use to increase their brand awareness and authority. Digital PR is used by brands to get in front of their ideal clients, increase organic website traffic and increase referral traffic from authoritative websites. Unlike your traditional guest post link building, Digital PR earns backlinks from websites with real readers who can become customers.

Do you need to hire a digital PR agency?

You don’t need to hire a digital PR agency but it does make the process of earning media much easier. You can learn to carry out your own digital PR or you can hire a digital PR expert in-house but it can be more costly.

Depending on your situation you may opt to hire a digital PR agency, hire an in-house team or even go with a digital PR freelancer.

If you are a smaller business and can’t afford to hire a team, agency or freelancer then you may want to learn how to run digital PR campaigns yourself. There are many digital PR training courses available online, or you could go and do a PR course at BrightonSEO too.

What is the digital PR process?

Our digital PR process starts with why, we want to know why you are wanting to use digital PR to grow your business. Do you want to earn quality backlinks, do you want to build brand awareness or do you want to do digital PR because your competitors are. We will work with you to understand your reasons and then build campaigns that help you to reach your goals.


As a new client, we would look at what you have done, what your competitors have done and work on a strategy to be better. We want to be the website that other SEOs and digital PRs look up to when looking at organic search, but more importantly, we want your customers to find you.

Earning backlinks and media mentions

To increase your organic search engine rankings and your website traffic you will need to earn backlinks from relevant and authoritative sources. We create content that does just that. Whether we take a proactive or reactive approach to digital PR you can rest assured knowing that we will do everything we can to earn your business top-tier press coverage.

Press release writing and distribution

Once we have collected enough data or have expert comments at the ready, we will begin to write a press release that will make it easy for journalists to cover your stories.

writing a press release

Writing a press release is a skill that takes many years of practice to get right.  If you have tried your own digital PR in the past and have failed, you probably failed at the press release stage.

Media Lists and Outreach

When we have created content for you and have written a press release we will then create a final media list that we will use to pitch our stories to. One benefit of hiring a digital PR agency is that you don’t have to find media contacts yourself or buy an expensive media database.

How can you hire a digital PR agency in Cardiff?

There are excellent digital PR agencies in Cardiff and the rest of the UK, but if you want to hire a digital PR agency in Cardiff that offers guaranteed media coverage or a full refund then get in touch with us. We offer a free 15-minute consultation where we can ask about your goals, and your website and you can ask any questions that we may not have covered.

If you would like to see if we can help your business earn media coverage, book a call with us now.

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