How to build 80 backlinks in 30 minutes from sites like CNN

build backlinks in the media

n the world of digital marketing, the process of link building is often perceived as a slow and time-consuming task. However, there are instances where you can generate great backlinks within a short period of time by leveraging quick ideas and timely opportunities. In this blog post, we will delve into a real-life example where a client in the technology industry obtained over 80 backlinks in just 30 minutes of work. We will explore the strategy employed and how you can replicate this success for your own campaigns.

To begin with, one of the key strategies for quick backlink acquisition is to monitor trending stories in your industry. By staying abreast of the latest developments, you can identify opportunities to position your client as an expert and secure valuable backlinks. In the case study mentioned, the focus was on the technology sector, specifically a trending story about AI and Taylor Swift.

The example highlighted the use of AI to create deep fake nudes of Taylor Swift, a story that garnered significant attention. By quickly engaging the client, who was an expert in technology and AI, the team was able to gather insights and quotes to pitch to the media. Within 30 minutes, the information was ready to be shared with the press, resulting in multiple backlinks from reputable sources such as CNN and CTA TV.

Utilizing Google News for Opportunities

A valuable tool in this process was, which provides a platform to discover trending stories across various categories. By focusing on relevant topics within your industry, you can identify opportunities to contribute expert insights and gain backlinks from high-authority websites.

While the speed of execution is essential in quick link building, it is equally crucial to ensure relevance to your client’s expertise. Jumping on trending stories that align with your client’s domain knowledge can enhance credibility and maximize the impact of backlink acquisition. Avoid commenting on unrelated topics to maintain the integrity of your PR strategy.

Capitalizing on Journalist Interactions

Another key aspect highlighted in the case study was the direct interaction with journalists covering relevant subjects. By providing valuable insights and comments to journalists discussing pertinent topics, you can establish relationships that may lead to further coverage and backlink opportunities in the future.


In conclusion, the case study exemplifies the potential for rapid backlink generation through strategic digital PR efforts. By monitoring industry trends, leveraging client expertise, and engaging with journalists on timely subjects, you can secure valuable backlinks from top-tier websites in a short span of time. Incorporating these tactics into your link building strategy can yield significant results and enhance your online presence effectively.

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