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Re-designing a Wix website

Trendy Tots Baby Boutique already had an established website before coming to us that was already making sales and had some traffic.  However they felt the design wasn’t as good as it could be and they needed help with search engine marketing, this is where we helped.

Creating a more professional look

Firstly we took a look at what Trendy Tot’s competitors were doing right, wrong and formulated a plan to create a professional looking website with a focus on the beautiful products that were being sold.

Easy to use & easy to buy

We made the new website first look trustworthy, professional and easy to navigate.  We also redesigned the checkout process and tested little features over the coming months to improve the websites conversion rate (rate of which visitors became customers).  We were able to improve conversions considerably and were also able to increase the amount of items people bought by testing various features on the site.

clients website complete

First page international rankings

Sleek design and development meant that our SEO efforts were made easier.  We were able to outrank many of the competitors in this industry who have been around for years.  We were also able to rank locally, nationally and internationally for certain search keywords which increase the website traffic considerably (along with sales)

Trendy Tots Baby Boutique can be found on the first page of Google for multiple high value keyword searches.  We continue to work with Trendy Tots to increase their search visibility while providing a great ROI.

mobile responsive development

Huge Increase in website traffic

Trendy Tots were getting most of their website traffic from social media marketing and very little to non existent from the search engines.  With our SEO services we have been able to match the social media traffic and some months generate more traffic.  Over the next few months we will aim to make organic traffic the number 1 source of traffic for Trendy Tots.

better rankings on the search engines

Our website design, development and digital marketing services have allowed Trendy Tots to shoot up the search engine results pages which has increased traffic and sales.  Trendy Tots ranks on Google for multiple keywords and has let a lot of their competitors in their dust.

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