What anchor texts should your storage company use when building links?

anchor text for storage companies
anchor text ratios for storage companies

Link building is going to play a massive part when it comes to SEO for self storage companies.  

Link building, in general, is tough and getting real, authoritative websites to link to your storage company is not going to be easy.

That’s why many storage companies tend to purchase link building services from an agency like us, but if you do fancy having a go at link building yourself we will take a look at what anchor texts you should be using when building links to your storage website.

What is anchor text?

Anchor text is the text used to connect one page to another. When you click on anchor text your web page reloads and a new page appears. The text used for this is very important as it gives Google context of what your web page is about.

When building links it’s important to build links with the right anchor texts, which we will discuss more later in this article. But for now, you should know that over optimising or under optimising your anchor text can get you in trouble with Google.

Different types of anchor text.

There are different types of anchor text and for you to know what you should be building to rank your self-storage company higher on the search results page, we will explain them.

Exact match anchor text.

If the keyword you are trying to rank for is “Storage in London” the exact match anchor text for that keyword would be “Storage in London”. So any pages on the internet linking to your website with that text would be considered an exact match anchor text.  

Exact match anchor texts are powerful as it gives Google context to what your page is about. So you may think that using this anchor text with every link will help you rank in position 1, and you would be right if the year was 2010.

Like everything good, marketers abused exact match anchor texts and Google had to update their algorithm to stop marketers from abusing using exact match anchors.

Partial match anchor text

As the name suggests, a partial match anchor text is a link that contains some of your head keyword while also including others. If we stick with the “storage in London” keyword an example of a partial match anchor could be something along the lines of: “the best student storage in London”.

Branded anchor text

Branded anchor text contains your business name. Branded anchor text could look something along the lines of “Super Storage Brothers”. As you can see there are no keywords here, just the business name.

Naked anchor text

A naked anchor text is often the result of building local citations on websites such as Yell.com. A naked anchor text could look something along the lines of: www.yourwebsite.com/storage-london/.

Random anchor text

Random anchor text such as “visit website”, “click here”, “50% of houses are too small” won’t contain your business name, address or keywords.

What anchor text should your storage business use?

While there are some SEO’s that say you should have 5% exact anchors, 15% random, 10% partial and so on, the truth is every search result is different.

This can be seen below for the search results “Storage London” and “Storage Newcastle”.

For Storage London, you can see that 5% of the top-ranking search includes the exact match anchor, and the most common anchor text is the branded anchor.

anchor text ratio for storage in london

While in Newcastle, the top-ranked result has no exact match anchor and the most common link here is a naked URL.

anchor text ratio for storage in newcastle

So the anchors you are going to need to build when link building is going to come down to what is already ranking on the first page for your search query.

The software you can use to find out what anchors you need to build.

If you want to know what anchor texts you should be building for your storage company you are going to need to invest in SEO software. There are tools out there that can run anchor text ratios for you but in our experience, you are better off doing it manually yourself.

To see what your competitors are doing you are going in terms of their anchor text ratios you are going to need some sort of backlink checker. Semrush or Ahrefs are the most commonly used.

We use both at Weeare as different data can be collected, but if you don’t want to purchase both as the costs can add up we would recommend Ahrefs over Semrush as we find their backlink data more helpful.

Both software will do a good job though so see which one you like best. Both have trials too.

If you have picked Ahrefs, we can run you through finding anchor text ratios very quickly below.

Firstly go to the keyword explorer and put in the keyword you want to rank for.

ahrefs keyword explorer

Next, scroll down to the SERP overview and look at the top results. Click on the first three results and investigate their anchor text ratios.

serps result for storage in london

To do this you will need to click on the arrow icon next to the page that ranks and then click on overview.

overview of serp result

Finally, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will be able to see the anchor texts that the pages are using to rank in the top 3 results. You should then base your anchor text ratios on these results.

The only problem with this is some sites will rank not because of the links pointing at their site, but the overall authority of the domain. If your anchor text ratios for the top 3 results are all over the place you may need to look at other results on the first page for an average.

complete anchor text breakdown of storage in london


Over optimising your anchor text when building links is a quick way of getting an SEO penalty from Google. Underoptimising your anchor texts can also cause you to waste your marketing budget, getting your anchor text right will save you money and help generate more business in the long run.

By using the methods above you can take a look at what Google expects and you then have a strategy when carrying out link building for your self storage company that is safe and effective.

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