5 ways to attract customers to your small business

5 ways to attract customers to your small business

Being a small business owner is hard, I know I am one. Getting customers is even harder especially when starting out, but don’t fear the tips in this article should give you enough to think about to get going. So here are 5 ways to attract more customers to your small business.

1. Relationship building.

Everyone hates to be sold to, especially when the product being sold may not even help them. We have all had sales people contact us trying to sell us something that probably wont help our business in the slightest. As a web design agency I am constantly contacted by other developers over seas asking if I want a new website and of course the answer is no. These sales people are too lazy to even find out if I need the service so don’t be one of those people. Build a relationship and if your product or service can help then you can start selling, but until then don’t!

2. Understanding what makes you different.

Your USP or unique selling proposition is what makes you stand out from the crowd and shows your customers what you can do for them. Here at Weeare we make:

• Easy to use websites
Search engine optimised
• Mobile Responsive Websites

Now, are we the only web development agency to offer such a service in the whole world? Of course not, but locally can any other web development agency match our service? We don’t think so, and that is what makes us unique. Our service rivals that of huge agencies in the UK while being way more affordable.

3. Develop a customer profile.

You can’t service everyone. If you think you can then you won’t serve anyone. Think of who your ideal customer is. Are they:

• Male or female
• Young or old
• Single, married or divorced

By creating a customer profile you can then make a decision on how your marketing materials should be made so that it speaks specifically to them.

4. Reach out to your ideal customer.

Now that you have a customer profile think about where your ideal customer may hang out and try to reach them specifically.

5. Determine your marketing approach.

Some methods of marketing will work better than others depending on the business that you are in, but generally, the following are good ways to reach your potential customers:

• Create a search-friendly website
• Blog on your new website
• Email Marketing
• Pay Per Click Ads
• Direct Mail
Search engine optimisation


Some of the above tips may be common sense to many but sometimes we get so busy running a business that we don’t step back and look where the business is heading. The tips above when used correctly will help your business get more customers. If you need help attracting more business then check out our other blog articles, or if you would like to talk to us to see if there is something that we can help you with then contact us.

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