5 Things Your Website is Missing

5 Things Your Website is Missing

Starting from scratch or making changes to an old website? There are a few elements that you should take into consideration, many would say these are must-have elements.

1. Mobile Responsive website design

A responsive website isn’t so much an element but the whole site. A mobile website allows your customers to browse your website with ease and hopefully leads them to contact you or buy one of your products.

Your website should be mobile responsive not only for your users but for the search engines. Since Google rolled out their mobilegeddon algorithm change, they have been punishing non-responsive websites in the search engine results. That means websites that are mobile-friendly have been pushed up in the ranks compared to those that are not.  A responsive website is a huge part of Search Engine Optimisation

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For more information on responsive web design check out this article – What is mobile responsive design?

2. Clear Calls to action

Your website should serve a purpose, if it doesn’t then there is little point in having one at all. A call to action is something that you want your users to do next. This could be anything from adding a product to their shopping cart, subscribing to your newsletter, or using the contact form to send you a message.

Make your calls to action stand out and you will see your conversion rates rise. For more information on making your calls to action stand out you may want to look at the following article – Which colours should I use for my website and why? It discusses how colour has a massive influence on conversions.

3. Email Marketing List

Several studies have shown that email marketing has the highest return on investment than any other marketing strategy. You can build an email marketing list through various methods, such as giving something away for free, providing a discount for signing up to your newsletter for more useful content every month.

If your website doesn’t have email marketing integrated then you are missing out, especially when you can get started for so cheap. I would recommend either Mailchimp or Aweber, both of which can be implemented with our web design service.

4. Social Media Marketing

By including links to your social media accounts on your website you are giving your social accounts the chance to build a following more easily.

Social media marketing allows you to get out in front of your potential clients in an instant. Being active on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can help improve your search engine rankings, build your brand’s identity, and give your company a voice and personality.

Social media can also allow you to keep potential clients in the loop with new or special offers.

5. Contact Information

Yes, providing your contact information is common sense, but some businesses make it either too hard to find or don’t include it at all.

Recently we were looking for a new office for weeare and we came across an agent’s website with a property that looked like it would work for our team. The only problem is that the estate agent’s website was so hard to navigate that finding the contact information was a chore. We eventually found the contact information, sent them an email and the email bounced.

The email that we sent to the estate agent did not reach the agent because the email address provided was wrong. This could have been a deal worth thousands per year, yet the contact information wasn’t clear, was hard to find, and was eventually wrong. Crazy stuff.


All of the above may seem common sense to some, and they should be, but when it comes to the web we often find businesses don’t take their websites as serious as they should, and because of that they often forget small details that would make a huge difference to their business.

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