5 Things We Need To Know Before Designing Your Website

5 Things We Need To Know Before Designing Your Website

Your website in our opinion is your most valuable sales tool, it works for your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. It never takes a week off to go on holidays, doesn’t need time off to sort out the kids and it will never phone in sick. So getting your website right is our main aim and to do so there are a few things we need to know before designing your site.

1. Website Goal

All websites should have a goal; if they don’t, they don’t offer any value for money. Before working with you, we will discuss your new website goals or purpose. If your thinking that you don’t know what your website goal would be, then here is a small list that could apply to you:

• Increase brand awareness
• Increase sales
• Increase online bookings
• Increase online sales
• Sell products online
• Build an email marketing list

All of the above goals would be a good place to start, we would be able to analyse what you are currently doing and then work out a strategy on how to reach your new goals.

2. Your budget

In our opinion, we are the best web design agency in Merthyr Tydfil and we will even challenge those bigger agencies in wales, we provide great value to our customers and have helped every one of them increase their search engine visibility since hiring us. For that reason, we are not cheap. Our custom work is built to solve your business needs and we need to know how much you are willing to invest early on.

By knowing your budget we can tell you what we can and can do for your business. We only work with businesses we know we can help. We wouldn’t take on a project if a budget was too low to hit your goals, because it wouldn’t be fair on you as you would not see any return on marketing investment.

Talk to our search engine optimisation consultants today if you need help with your marketing campaigns.

3. Your customers

We don’t build websites for your business; we build them for your customers. They are the ones that are going to be using the website. We will discuss in detail with you all about your customers, their needs, and their problems. By understanding who your customers are we can start thinking of designing a website for them.

You’re an expert on your business and your customers, so we would want you to tell us all about them and what they are looking for when they land on your website. This allows us to structure the content of the website to meet your user’s needs.

4. Your competitors

We are experts on design, development, and digital marketing but you’re an expert on your business and your competitors, you will know more about your industry than we ever will and because of this, we will ask you to draw on your experience and tell us what you think your competitors are doing right, what they are doing wrong and if there is anything they are doing right that we could use on your website.

By helping us understand your industry we are able to build a bigger picture that will ultimately allow us to create a website that works for your business and its customers.

5. Your marketing strategy

Are you going to market your new website yourself? Will you use an agency like us to do the marketing for you? Which type of marketing would you like to use? PPC, SEO, Social Media.

Building a new website is not a guarantee that your business will do any better online, you will still need to market your website. All of our websites are built to be search engine friendly, but in some industries that is not enough, and when that is the case we tend to use search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies to help you outrank your competitors.

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