5 SEO tactics to avoid in 2018

blackhat seo tactics to avoid

Getting your website to show in the search engines like Google to your customers is hard.

In fact, if you were to do it yourself I would be amazed.

I think the equivalent for me would be to fit a new boiler in my house while doing tricks on a unicycle.

Most small businesses set up a website and forget about it, which is unfortunate. But for you, that can be a great thing.

If your competitor has a badly optimized site, the good news is you should be able to leapfrog above them with ease. It doesn’t matter how many employees they have, how high the turnover they have or any other advantage you think they may have.

A badly optimised website can be outranked. Which can mean, more website visitors and customers for you.

Hiring an SEO agency in Cardiff can be difficult.

If you were to explain to me that I needed a three-way valve and a water control assey for my boiler then I would say ok, go ahead. I wouldn’t have the slightest idea of what they were, why I needed them, or how much they would cost.

SEO can be the same.

Some agencies will talk you into needing services you don’t need. So here, in this article, we will give you some tips on what SEO tactics you should avoid in 2018. When hiring search engine optimisation consultants you can then ask them if they do any of the following:

1) Keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing is an old technique that used to work 10 years ago, but like every trick in the book Google caught on very quickly.

Yet I still see agencies keyword stuff to this day. Keyword stuffing is as basic as it sounds. The SEO agency would put a certain key phrase in the code of your web page hundreds of times, that way the search engines would think the more times a keyword is used the more likely the page would be relevant to that keyword.

So if I wanted to show up for the keyword: SEO Cardiff, I would write SEO Cardiff into the code of the website 100’s of times. Don’t do this in 2018 or Google will slap you as hard as they can.

Keyword stuffing is a bad practice and should be avoided, if your existing agency is doing this you may want to talk to one of our digital marketing consultants.

2) Spam comments

Everyone hates spam, I know I do.

Every day I log into this website and see some spam comment trying to link back to their website.

There are a few reasons not to spam. One it’s annoying, two even if you do get a link back to your website it won’t be relevant and lastly, blog comments are usually filled by others doing the same thing, which reduces the quality of your links.

Don’t spam the comments section, you’re wasting your time and everyone else’s.

3) Blasting links/ buying links

Google doesn’t like people who buy links from others, they especially don’t like people who buy 100,000’s of links to point at their website.

Don’t spam your link everywhere like this or you will be punished. Don’t buy links either or once again Google will whoop your website back to the 4th page.

Build relevant links by writing a blog post for others and sharing it on social media, other website owners may also share that post and put it on their website and link back to you.

Relevant links can boost your website rankings, spam comments can’t.

4) Nonmobile friendly website

Is it still 2001? If it isn’t then your phone should work on mobile devices.

One of our clients has a website that is accessed 80% of the time by mobile users. Now imagine what would happen to that business if it didn’t cater to them. Well, 80% of the people on that website wouldn’t buy their products. Crazy, when you think about it.

I’ve seen others argue on other SEO blogs that having a website that isn’t mobile responsive actually doesn’t affect your website in the search engines. I’m calling BS right now! And I’ll tell you why.

Having to read a website on a mobile device that isn’t mobile-friendly will cause your visitors to leave your website in seconds. We have all been there, I’m not wasting my time zooming in and out looking for something on your website when I can click backward and go to your competitor’s site and use it with ease.

Google monitors how long a person stays on a site and when they leave quickly they assume the page that the user landed on wasn’t what they were looking for because they left very quickly.

The result is your website loses its rank. If you don’t have a mobile responsive website in 2018, talk to us about our web design services.

5) Anchor link abuse.

An anchor link is a link that points to another web page. For example, an anchor link could be “Web design Wales” or “Cardiff SEO” or even “Yoast SEO Tool

All of the above point to different website pages. If you are manually creating links throughout the internet and are pointing them back to your website but you are using the same anchor links all the time then you are abusing the link creation process.

Build links naturally and Google won’t punish your website, abuse them and they will.

Rounding all of this up.

Ok so to round all of this up, basically don’t hire a rubbish SEO agency that is using tactics that were popular when Britney Spears hit the scenes for the first time.

And if you are planning to market your own business yourself then just keep in mind all of the above. I honestly wouldn’t recommend it though as it takes years to learn SEO. Especially the technical aspects that need to be implemented when building your own website.

Hopefully the above will help you when deciding to hire an SEO agency. Just remember to make sure to ask questions, and even ask the SEO agency for past examples and typical time frames.

Just recently we had an inquiry for SEO Services, where the person had asked another SEO agency for a rough time frame. That agency had quoted 4x the amount of time that we had estimated. Which would result in you spending thousands of your hard-earned money when you wouldn’t need to.

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