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Earn links from the biggest websites in the world or your money back

Fed up of getting the same low quality links as your competitors?

We help ambitious brands build the most powerful backlinks to outrank the competition.  We earn coverage and links through data-led creative campaigns, and we don’t pay sponsorship fees or write guest posts.

If you’re an established brand that wants to improve your website’s visibility, increase organic traffic, raise brand awareness and improve your website’s authority, we can help.

Our Digital PR service comes with a minimum link guarantee.  If we can’t get you a minimum of 5 links we will refund your payment, You can view our refund policy here.


Coverage and Links that drive traffic, authority and sales.

Why should you care about Digital PR link building?

seo consultant work

Above, we started our digital pr link building somewhere around that blue arrow.

As an agency that specialises in link building, we have noticed that over the last 5 years building links has got far more difficult and the majority of websites that you try to build links on will want to be paid to place your content and links.

This is against Google’s policies and can get your website penalised.

As an ambitious brand, you don’t want paid links pointing at your website. Not only are they easy for your competitors to buy, but they can have a negative effect on your search rankings.

Digital PR link building is as white hat as it comes and creating content that people want to link to is how Google wants link builders to work. The best part of Digital PR Link building is your campaigns can be featured on some of the biggest websites in the world. This drives authority, search visibility, sales and builds trust with your potential customers.

Creating campaigns that get featured on authoritative websites isn’t easy and is the best way to outrank your competition.

We have featured our clients on websites such as The Times, MSN, Washington Post, The Sun, The Express, The Mirror, Digital Journal and much more. If you would like to see if we can help you, get in touch.

The Best Backlinks in the world

When looking for link builders online you may have come across websites that offer backlinks for different prices based on their domain authority. Not only are most of these companies working from a database of link sellers but we also believe they limit your growth.

As a marketing agency, we want our clients to rank better, sell more and be proud of the links we build to their site. Working from an existing database that your competition can get to won’t help.

We build some of the best links in the world an every campaign is maximised to getting you as many links as we can for your budget.

digital pr link building

Digital PR Process

Our battle-tested Digital PR process earns links that you will be proud of.



All our campaigns start with an idea. Typically we will look at topics that your target audience is interested in and work from there. We will look at what’s been done recently to make sure we have a fresh story or if not we go back to the drawing board.

We will have multiple ideation sessions to make sure we come up with the best campaign ideas to get your website mentioned online.



Next up we need to validate our ideas to make sure they work for your audience and we will also make sure there is enough interest to cover your story.

When an idea is feasible we then move into our research phase.

Research and Production

Research and Production

To make sure we have the best content out there we will research the topic thoroughly to make sure we have plenty of angles to pitch at the later stages.

Our team will then collect the data, this can be done by conducting our own first-hand research or by looking at government datasets and other studies.

Our team will put this data into a compelling piece of content that will be used to generate links back to your website.

Pitching and Promotion

Pitching and Promotion

We will create a list of contributors, writers and journalists that could be interested in publishing your story. We will then outreach to them with the content that we have produced, we will also follow up to make sure we get the maximum amount of coverage for your website.

We will also keep your story in mind if something breaks in the press to pitch to the relevant journalists to get more links out of a campaign.

Reporting the metrics that count

Reporting the metrics that count

At the end of every month, we will report back the coverage that your site got along with the links earned and social engagements that your stories created.

Digital PR campaigns don’t always work and they get fewer links than you expect, some agencies just accept this and tell their clients that their budget didn’t result in coverage. With us, we will run another campaign for free or you can have your money back, no questions asked.

Our Case Studies

Take a look at some of our SEO and Link building case studies below

seo case study
1 Campaign, 25 Links from MSN, The Sun and more.

25 links from the biggest publications in the UK for an e-commerce client.

Read More
seo case study
200 to 853 First Page Rankings.

See how we drove $622,800 worth of traffic and gained 853 first page rankings.

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seo case study
From £800 a month in sales to over £50,000

See how we took this small boutique shop from £800 in sales to over £50,000

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Our Offer

If you need backlinks to your website our premium links will allow you to outrank your competitors without having to worry that your website will ever get penalised by Google.

Unlike other agencies, we guarantee a set number of links per campaign and often land DR70, DR80 and DR90+ links in the world’s leading publications. If we don’t we will run another campaign or refund you 100%.

Digital PR link-building campaigns start at £3000 per month and we can run one or multiple campaigns depending on your budget and our availability.

Book a discovery call to see if we can help you.

seo company reviews

One of the best link building services

Ricky is one of the best link building consultants we collaborated with. He delivered the project successfully, built high-quality and relevant links for us. Communication is also on a high level.

Irina Maltseva -

seo company reviews

Extremely good consultant and a great professional

Ricky is an extremely good link building consultant and a great professional. It was obvious from the start that he has a good deal of knowledge and I have seen results from his work which is the most important thing. I enjoyed working with him

Dr Majid Shah - Aesthetics Consultant

seo company reviews

Top ranked personal trainer

If you need SEO for your business hire Ricky and his team.  I’m the top-ranked personal trainer in Cardiff and it’s changed my business overnight.  Can’t thank Weeare enough. If you need SEO hire them.

Toby King - Personal Trainer

Ready to get started?

If you are an ambitious brand that wants to do things the right way, book a call with our managing director Ricky. You will see if digital pr link building can work for your business and you can ask any questions you may have about Digital PR or SEO in general.

Schedule a Call

Questions that you ask

Here are some of the questions you may have about digital pr link building, SEO or working with us.  If you have any other questions, schedule a call with us.

Do I need a normal link builder or digital pr link builder?

Traditional link-building methods include guest posting, skyscraper outreach, broken link building and even niche edits have their uses but for larger brands in competitive spaces they just won’t cut it.

If you are an ambitious brand in a competitive space, digital pr link building is going to help you land better links, increase your search rankings and sell more of your product or service.

You can book a discovery call to learn more.

What industries do you work with?

Over the years we have worked in many industries and have clients in the cosmetic space, storage industry, tech and SAAS and we also work with multiple ecommerce stores.

Our digital pr link builders are creative enough to work in multiple industries all while landing our clients in the world’s largest publications.

What if your campaign doesn't get us links?

After speaking with many business owners it was clear that they have been burned in the past where they have spent sometimes upwards of £10,000 on a digital pr agency and haven’t landed any links or coverage.

To take away the risk of working with us we will guarantee a set number of links depending on your budget and if we don’t get those links we will give you the option to keep working for those links or a refund. Please see our refund policy for full details.

What is DR or DA when you talk about links?

Domain rating or domain authority is something that links are graded on by tools such as Ahrefs, Moz or SEMRush.

Most SEO agencies or link building services will sell you links based on their DA score.  (The higher the better and more expensive).

When you work with us we try to get you as many links as possible, often in the region of DR70, DR80 and DR90+

These are the best links in the world and come from sites like The Guardian, The Mirror, The Times, The Sun, Digital Journal, The Express, Washington Post, Forbes and many other places.

Are there other fees such as paying for links?

There are no other fees when you hire us other than our service fee.  We don’t pay for links as all of our links are earned.

Not only do you get links from the biggest publications but our process is scaleable and allows us to get aggressive with link building as your business grows.

I tired a press release before it did nothing, why is this different?

Our service involves creating a data study and sending it to the press and various contributors but it isn’t a press release service.

We agree, that those services are junk and will harm your business.  That isn’t what our service is.

We create content and pitch it to the relevant people and as a result, get your website and brand mentioned in the best publications in the world.

Can you build links in adult or gambling niches?

Yes we can, but it does depend on your website and product.  Although harder to build links to we can do it.  Schedule a call with us to discuss your site in more detail.

What are your fees?

Our campaigns start at £3000 and you can order multiple per month if we have the capacity to do so.  Each campaign will come with guaranteed links from sites with a domain authority of 70+.

Can you guarantee that you will get me links in X site.

We encourage all of our clients to think of their dream publications and we will do our very best to get you featured in them, but we can’t guarantee that a campaign will be featured on a certain site.

Will all the links be do-follow?

The nature of digital pr is that we give up some of the control compared to traditional link building.  So we won’t have control over the anchor text, the page that’s being linked to or if the link is do-follow or no follow.

With that said, we have seen first-hand ranking increases from no-follow links.

Where can I learn more about Digital PR?

You can check out our MD’s Linkedin or Twitter where he shows the links that have been built for our clients recently.

How do we get started?

To discuss your business with us to see if you are suitable for one of our digital pr campaigns schedule a call here.

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