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Weeare is a creative digital PR agency. We get our clients coverage and backlinks in some of the biggest publications in the world, and unlike traditional pr agencies we will guarantee media coverage or we will work for free until we do.

Our digital PR service is constantly evolving and we are always looking for new ways to tell stories that journalists want to cover and future customers love to read.

All of our links are earned, none of them are bought.

What to expect when hiring our digital PR company

With hundreds of digital public relation agencies to choose from why us?

Winning PR Strategy

We always start with a digital PR strategy.

What’s your goal, how quickly do you want to get there, who are your competitors and what do we need to do to make a meaningful impact on your business.

Once we can answer those questions we can begin thinking of creative campaigns

Strong Campaign Ideas

With many years of experience in digital PR, our staff have a tried and trusted framework for developing ideas that get coverage in regional, national and international publications.

Our team will come up with creative ideas that are newsworthy and fit your brand voice.

We will then validate these ideas so we can cut down on the time it takes to get your business authoritative placements.

High-Tier Links

Gone are the days when you can buy backlinks and expect to rank on page one of Google.

Most agencies are still buying links, and if you are relying on bought links your SEO strategy is outdated.

Getting featured in authoritative media outlets will send signals to Google that you are an authority in your industry.

Diverse backlink profile

Traditional link building leaves an unnatural backlink profile which can make your website not rank as high as it should.

Running a digital PR campaign (or many) can result in a diverse and natural backlink profile just as Google expects.

We target national, regional and trade publications with our PR Services which means more quality backlinks for you, increased brand awareness, improved search rankings and website traffic.

Campaigns that get links

Whether we are using surveys, in-house data or expert commentary, you can expect creative campaigns that help with your search engine optimisation, social media marketing, and overall brand awareness. We create stories that journalists want to use.

Inner Page Links

While homepage backlinks improve your expertise, authoritativeness and trust (E-A-T), your inner pages such as categories and product pages need love too.

While inner page links are difficult to earn from online PR, we can help get your best pages in front of your target audience.

When working with us we will discuss an overall digital PR strategy with you to make sure you get the best return on your investment.

Speedy digital marketing campaigns

As a digital marketing agency that offers creative PR campaigns, we know that creating quality campaigns at speed means that our clients can get more media coverage in the long term.

We specialise in small to medium PR campaigns that help us diversify risk and increase the chance of landing new referring domains to your website.

What some PR companies do in six months we can do in one.

"Always on" digital PR services

The news never stops, and neither should digital PR agencies.

As a digital PR firm we keep an eye on the news to monitor for relevant opportunities to “News Jack”.

We closely monitor breaking stories and trends to position you as an expert to relevant journalists. This ensures your company gets relevant backlinks and brand mentions from authoritative sources.

Simple and understandable reporting

Working with a digital agency shouldn’t be difficult, we only report on the KPIs that matter and we do so in a simple and understandable format.

All clients on signup will get a project tracker that shows what ideas are being created, when they are being pitched, when they have earned coverage and performance metrics such as domain authority and website traffic.

This is to show you that we only earn links from authoritative domains that make the numbers in your Google Analytics increase. No guest posts here.

Digital PR Testimonials

seo company reviews

One of the best link building services

Ricky is one of the best link building consultants we collaborated with. He delivered the project successfully, built high-quality and relevant links for us. Communication is also on a high level.

Irina Maltseva -

seo company reviews

Extremely good consultant and a great professional

Ricky is an extremely good link building consultant and a great professional. It was obvious from the start that he has a good deal of knowledge and I have seen results from his work which is the most important thing. I enjoyed working with him

Dr Majid Shah - Aesthetics Consultant

seo company reviews

Top ranked personal trainer

If you need SEO for your business hire Ricky and his team.  I’m the top-ranked personal trainer in Cardiff and it’s changed my business overnight.  Can’t thank Weeare enough. If you need SEO hire them.

In the first month of working with Weeare, I was mentioned in The Sun and The Daily Mail, something my competitors still haven't got.

Toby King - Personal Trainer

Our digital PR company process

If you are interested in hiring us as your digital pr company here is a brief overview of how we work.

Initial digital PR discovery call

To work with us we require a discovery call which can take anywhere from 15-30 minutes.

In this time we will find out about your goals, and where you currently are and we will then be able to see if we can help you out.

If your business isn’t a fit for our services, we will let you know straight away.


If you are a fit for our digital PR services we will have taken payment and will have sent you our onboarding questionnaire.

Filling this form out will take around 15 minutes and it gives us the basics to start preparing for PR campaigns that drive media coverage.

Digital PR Strategy

While digital PR is about earning quality links to your website, we need to know how many we need to create, where we need to create them and why we are creating them.

When we understand all of the above we can create a strategy that makes a meaningful impact on your business.

Whether you want more search visibility, increased website traffic, increased brand recognition, more authority, more sales or a combination of the above, our digital PR strategy will help you to get where you need to be.

Campaign Ideation

Our digital PR agency loves coming up with creative campaigns that fit your brand voice.

It’s one of the most difficult things to do but getting it right can get your business mentioned on the biggest websites in the world.

It can also lead to TV show appearances, radio mentions and much more.

We check all our ideas against our battle-tested PR campaign framework to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Data Collection

As a public relations agency, we know that data is one of the best ways to present unique content to journalists.

Our in-house team collects data to find stories that your customers will be interested in.

We then use this data in our campaigns to make them more newsworthy.

Digital PR campaign creation

With strategy, ideation and data collection out of the way, our online PR team then begin to create stories out of your data, as well as any infographics, imagery or video to make your story stand out from the crowd.

We will then roll this up into a press release before sending it out to a targeted list of journalists.

Digital PR Outreach

We use our in-house proprietary software to find journalists who are most likely to talk about your campaign.

Our outreach is personalised and targeted so that we continue to build strong media relations. As a brand, you can benefit from this as journalists often reach to us for quotes when they know we have clients in certain industries.

Ultimately this means you can expect more media coverage by tailoring your outreach.


We will report throughout the month on the KPIs that matter the most to you.

Whether this is links, social media shares, campaign views or something else, all clients get a project tracker that shows all the links earned and this is updated in real-time.

When you hire us as your online PR agency you never have to worry about being in the dark.

You can access your project tracker 24/7 to know what is going on.

Digital PR services for every industry

As a digital marketing agency working in PR, we have had the pleasure of working in many different industries. Here are a few areas that we have ran digital PR campaigns in. If you don't see your industry. that's no problem, our team of digital pr experts will be able to advise if we can help you or not by booking a discovery call.

Digital PR Case Studies

seo case study
3.22 million views, 30 pieces of coverage.

See how we earned 3.22 million views for our client in the raffle space.

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seo case study
500+ links, 1672% increase in search traffic.

1672% increase in organic visibility using Digital PR link building.

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seo case study
1017% increase in organic traffic, 486 links earned

Organic traffic increase of 1017% and 486 high authoritative backlinks earned.

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seo case study
1466% Increase in first page rankings

1466% increase in first page rankings by building 16 quality links from The Sun, Express, Lad Bible and more.

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seo case study
3480% Increase in first page rankings

3480% Increase in first page rankings by earning 150+ links from CNBC, Express, The Sun and many more sites.

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seo case study
134% increase in first page rankings

134% increase in first page rankings by earning our client links on The Sun, Express and many more.

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seo case study
125 backlinks earned for gambling company

125 backlinks earned for a gambling company, including a link from the Independent (DR91)

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seo case study
1 Campaign, 25 Links from MSN, The Sun and more.

25 links from the biggest publications in the UK for an e-commerce client.

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seo case study
200 to 853 First Page Rankings.

See how we drove $622,800 worth of traffic and gained 853 first page rankings.

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seo case study
From £800 a month in sales to over £50,000

See how we took this small boutique shop from £800 in sales to over £50,000

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Meet Our PR Experts

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Managing Director

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PR Exec

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Our Offer

Guaranteed links from DR70+ websites or we will work for free until we do. Getting started is easy. Book a 15 minute meeting below.

digital pr pricing

5 DR70+ Backlinks

Minimum Budget: £3000

  • No Contracts, pay as you go.
  • 5 - 10 Links Guaranteed.
  • DR 70 - 95 Backlinks
  • Start today.
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digital pr pricing

12 DR70+ Backlinks

Minimum Budget: £6000

  • No Contracts, pay as you go.
  • 12 - 15 Links Guaranteed.
  • DR 70 - 95 Backlinks
  • Start today.
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digital pr pricing

20 DR70+ Backlinks

Minimum Budget: £10,000

  • No Contracts, pay as you go
  • 20 - 25 Links Guaranteed.
  • DR 70 - 95 Backlinks
  • Start today.
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Digital PR FAQs

Some questions we get about our service

Do I need a normal link builder or digital pr link builder?

Traditional link-building methods include guest posting, skyscraper outreach, broken link building and even niche edits have their uses but for larger brands in competitive spaces they just won’t cut it.

If you are an ambitious brand in a competitive space, digital pr link building is going to help you land better links, increase your search rankings and sell more of your product or service.

You can book a discovery call to learn more.

What if your campaign doesn't get us links?

After speaking with many business owners it was clear that they have been burned in the past where they have spent upwards of £10,000 on a digital pr agency and haven’t landed any links or coverage.

To take away the risk of working with us we will guarantee a set number of links depending on your budget and if we don’t get those links we will work for free until we do. Please see our link building guarantee for full details.

What is DR or DA when you talk about links?

Domain rating or domain authority is something that links are graded on by tools such as Ahrefs, Moz or SEMRush.

Most SEO agencies or link building services will sell you links based on their DA score.  (The higher the better and more expensive).

When you work with us we try to get you as many links as possible, often in the region of DR70, DR80 and DR90+

These are the best links in the world and come from sites like The Guardian, The Mirror, The Times, The Sun, Digital Journal, The Express, Washington Post, Forbes and many other places.

Are there other fees such as paying for links?

There are no other fees when you hire us.  We don’t pay for links as all of our links are earned.

Not only do you get links from the biggest publications but our process is scaleable and allows us to get aggressive with link building as your business grows. Want more links, you can simply pay for more campaigns.

I tired a press release before it did nothing, why is this different?

You more than likely paid for a press release syndication service, that sends your press release out to hundreds of vendors and your info ends up on pages that aren’t indexed.

This isn’t the same as our service.

We create content and pitch it to the relevant journalists and as a result, get your website and brand mentioned in the best publications in the world.

Can you build links in adult or gambling niches?

Yes we can, we have many clients in the gambling and adult space.

Can you guarantee that you will get me links in X site.

We encourage all of our clients to think of their dream publications and we will do our very best to get you featured in them, but we can’t guarantee that a campaign will be featured on a certain site.

Will all the links be do-follow?

The nature of digital pr is that we give up some of the control compared to traditional link building.  So we won’t have control over the anchor text, the page that’s being linked to or if the link is do-follow or no follow.

With that said, we have seen first-hand ranking increases from no-follow links.

Do you do digital PR in the UK, USA or anywhere else?

We do digital PR in the UK and the USA.  If you need help with online PR in either location get in touch.

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