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Re-designing a Wedding Photography website

Reel photography a photography studio based in Merthyr Tydfil came to us because they were fed up of their old website being too hard to use and update.

Making the website easy to use was the main priority, but we also took the opportunity to make the new website much more aesthetically pleasing and moved the focus from the ugly website to a new clean and professional website with the focus on the work that the studio produced.

Keeping it plain and simple

The redesign that we carried out was to shift the focus from the website and move the focus onto the beautiful photos being produced by the photography studio.

We redesigned the companies logo to match with their new website.  You can see the logo and the colour palette used below.

Focus on the photography

The photography was the star of the show.  Some of the photos taken by Reel photography were out of this world.  Because of this our design was to focus on making the photos the star of the show and our design so subtle that the user wouldn’t think about it.

clients website complete

Going Responsive

We took an old, in your face website and transformed it into a beautiful, mobile friendly website.

The old website didn’t work great on mobile devices, we changed that making the new Reel photography website easy to use and navigate.  The site is also much more search friendly.

- Ricky Davies
mobile responsive development
responsive web design in wales

Web design is responsive design. Responsive web design is web design, done right.

- Andy Clarke

Merthyrs Number 1 Photography Studio

The ultimate goal when working with Reel Photography was to make them the number 1 photography in Merthyr Tydfil.  It is still early days but we are confident with the new website and SEO package that we are not far away from the end goal.

better rankings on the search engines

We are still working towards making Reel Photography the number 1 agency in Merthyr, we are very confident we will reach this goal very soon, so check back in the near future!

Ricky Davies - Weeare Founder
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