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Website Design, Development & SEO project

Dr Kandola came to us to build a brand new website for his Botox training course that he was offering in Cardiff, Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire.  Dr Kandola was clear to us that he wanted a professional looking website, but to focus our efforts on ranking the websites in the search engines.

Our solution was a fully responsive website that ranked on the first page as the number 1 spot for each training location.

Clean & Professional Design

The website was to be clean and professional and the focus should be on the information provided on the website.

We kept the site design clean.  We had a little fun with the logo and came up with something that would represent Dr Kandola’s course and be instantly recognisable.  You can see the logo and the colour palette used below.

Keeping it simple

The designs main focus was to highlight the information on the training courses and then lead the visitor to making a booking.  We believe we managed to achieve that goal.

clients website complete

SEO & Mobile Friendly

In order for Dr Kandola to get bookings on to his new training course he would have to outrank his competition that have been around for years.  We managed to do this thanks to our custom website development which is search friendly as standard.

Another advantage we had over the competition is that their websites didn’t work great on mobile devices.  By making Skinhance mobile friendly we had a massive advantage.

- Ricky Davies
mobile responsive development
responsive web design in wales

We had to pull out all the stops to rank a brand new website above others who have been around for years.  A mobile friendly website was just part of the solution.

- Ricky Davies

Beating the competition

Some of Skinhance’s competition had been around for many years and had built up an authority, but due to our custom made design, professional website coding and SEO packages provided we managed to out rank the competition very quickly.

better rankings on the search engines

Not only did we get Skinhance to the first page of Google, but we also got them to the very first result for many of their keywords.  We dominated the competition!

- Ricky Davies (Weeare Founder)
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web design in wales

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